Using TAX PRO GO Helped Me Experience A Worry-Free Mardi Gras!

This post is sponsored by H&R Block but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Tax season is upon us! Between January 1st and April 15 more than 140 million Americans will file their taxes for the previous year. Of those 140 million taxpayers, Andrew and I are included. Tax season has always been such a dreadful time of year for us… Andrew and I usually spend HOURS behind the computer adding information and uploading documents (I’m literally cringing just thinking about it) but this year was different.

I was even more worried about tax season this year because I’m self-employed. Andrew and I were thinking about just going to a professional tax office because last year, we chose a DIY product online and then it was tripled with hidden fees and cost after we spent hours, HOURS, uploading our information and walking through the online process. It was so discouraging and I totally felt cheated… but this year the thought of wasting countless hours in the tax office seriously made me want to cry. 

Luckily, H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go swooped in for the save this year! Hallelujah!! I can’t even begin to explain how incredibly easy H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go was for me and Andrew. We knew the price upfront, had a quick call with an H&R Block expert tax professional and uploaded our tax forms through the secure online portal.  Our completed return was sent back within 5 days for review and then filed for us, all without having to step foot into a tax office!  Andrew and I couldn’t have been happier this tax season!!  

When you use H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go, you get paired up with an expert whose specialties match your tax needs! That gave us the peace of mind our taxes were done right. H&R Block has truly made filing taxes with a tax professional even easier than ever before… you can now get your taxes done without ever having to step foot into a tax office. Best part? All the heavy lifting is done for you, leaving you time do whatever you love most!

Instead of spending hours at the tax office, Andrew and I were able to enjoy Mardi Gras to the fullest. Am I kidding? No, I’m not kidding! Andrew and I broke a personal record with our tax season this year – we filed both our taxes under an hour!! (woohoo, happy dance!) So instead of sitting in the tax office, we ate King Cake, watched parades, and spent the day doing what we love: adventuring! Let me guess… you want a worry-free tax season too?! Well lucky for you, below is a step-by-step guide I created while using H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go this year!


Step 1:

Logon to and select File with a tax pro

Step 2:

Select Get Started under the Virtual tax prep option. The beginning price includes filing your taxes with one state.

Step 3:

Follow the on-screen instructions and click each option that applies to you. The instructions will ask you about your relationship status, your work income, investments, what state(s) you worked in, and much more!

Step 4:

After you are finished telling H&R Block about yourself, you will be matched with an H&R Block tax pro! I got matched with Gloria Taylor who has 20 years of tax experience. H&R block will give you your specific price up front so that you know what you are going to pay.

And if you want to pay for your tax preparation later, H&R Block will help you setup an FDIC insured refund account, your refund gets deposited, your fees are taken out, and the remaining amount is submitted to your checking/savings account.

Step 5:  Enter your personal information

You will be asked to enter basic personal information such as your name, address, social security number, email, phone number, etc.

Step 6: Upload your tax documents

If aren’t sure exactly what tax documents apply to you, open the recommended document list on the bottom of the page. If you still need help, click the second link on the bottom of the page and you will be able to get in touch with Tax Pro Go customer support.

Step 7: Review your information and SUBMIT!

Woohoo, you did it! You have submitted all your documents to your Tax Pro Go expert and can now sit back and relax while your tax expert completes your tax return.

What did you do with all the time saved by using H&R Block Tax Pro Go?

Start the New Year Off Right!

This post is sponsored by H&R Block but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

January is the perfect time of year to start planning your goals, organizing your to-do lists, and most importantly, finding the time to do the things you enjoy. One of my favorite things about the New Year is planning our travels for the year. Sounds crazy, right? How could we possibly plan our travel for the entire year?! Well between our full-time jobs, we have to strategically use our vacation/holiday time in order to maximize our travel time!

It’s also a great time to declutter, stop procrastinating, and minimize other types of distractions. Some people we know, dread the New Year… just because they stress out about tax season. However, that’s not the case for us!  Andrew and I start our year off right with H&R Block! The peace of mind you get from an HRB tax expert who handles all the details gives you one less thing to worry about. Plus, we really love that H&R Block has upfront transparent pricing when using their brand new Tax Pro Go service. Money matters, right? DUH! Block has your back and gets you your maximum refund, guaranteed. Woohoo!! They even had the option to use a calculator tool that helps me determine what my refund will be this year. This helps definitely me start planning for my travels ahead of time!

Andrew and I will be heading to Philadelphia after the New Year and can do our taxes online anywhere and anytime with H&R Block Tax Pro Go! It doesn’t matter if we are sitting in our hotel room, at a local coffee shop, or waiting in the airport. With H&R Block’s Tax Pro Go, we are able to upload our docs and a tax pro will do the rest, without me ever having to visit an office! Yes, it’s really that simple! It’s all virtual!  I’m even able to hand select which Tax Pro will assist me. I just put in my zip code, answered a few easy questions and then I got to research several tax pros to find one perfect for me! 

So this year make sure you start your New Year off right! Plan ahead, stop procrastinating, and let H&R Block handle your tax season! H&R Block can help you accomplish your taxes without detracting from other important aspects of your life. Instead focus on the things that bring your joy – and go after your goals! Get started on your taxes today with H&R Block Tax Pro Go! Learn more about H&R Block here and learn about H&R Block’s upfront pricing here

Summertime Snacking with My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream!

This post is sponsored by Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved enjoying ice cream during these hot summertime months. I mean... after a long day out in the sun, ice cream is always a great choice, right?! Well, I couldn't agree with you more! This summer I discovered My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream and I was so excited to give it a try. 

So you are probably wondering what My/Mo Mochi ice cream is right?  My/Mo Mochi ice cream combines two amazing flavors and textures to create a delicious snack – Sweet Rice Dough and Premium Ice Cream.  The Sweet Rice Dough is called Mochi, it is a melt in your mouth, chewy dough.  This Mochi is wrapped around milky melty premium ice cream creating the My/Mo Mochi ice cream!  YUM!!

This ice cream snack is absolutely perfect for any summertime adventure. Plus, it will blow your mouth’s mind! You still get the treat of ice cream but in a unique and take with you kinda of way.   My/Mo Mochi ice cream comes in eight incredible flavors! I personally loved the Ripe Strawberry! 

Ready to give My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream a try?  I promise they will become a new summertime favorite! Find a My/Mo Mochi ice cream retailer and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram! 


6 Ways for Her to Feel Great in May - HER HEALTH MONTH

This post is sponsored by All opinions are my own. 


Did you know that May is Women's Health Month? This month is completely reserved for putting the attention on us ladies and our well-being. It's all about focusing on living healthy - not just physically but also mentally. We need to take the time to think about ourselves and what makes us happy and healthy.

Whether it's working out more, eating better, or relaxing - we need to be more encourage than ever before to put ourselves and our health first. Self love is hard, but it's so worth it. I'm so excited to team up with Babbleboxx this month and raise awareness about Women's Healthy Month and share 6 ways for Women to Feel Great this May!

1. Listen to your favorite music.

Music gives me joy. Whether I’m jamming out on the way to work or I’m crushing a workout at the gym, music gives me motivation and joy throughout my day. Aftershokz: Trekz Air headphones are so unique and different than any other headphones I’ve ever used before. Not only are the Aftershokz: Trekz Air headphones lightweight but they are open ear headphones. Aftershokz headphones will change the way you experience listening to music. These headphones use bone conduction technology, leaving your eardrums open to your environment.  You can actually enjoy a walk while listening to music and talking to your favorite workout partner. Better yet, you can hike to your favorite sunset spot and hear the leaves blowing in the wind while your favorite song plays in the background. These Aftershokz- Trekz Air headphones are awesome!

Click here to learn more about Aftershokz: Trekz Air headphones *Receive $30 off your Trekz Air until June 30th if you use the code SARAH!30

2. Wear a comfortable yet supportive bra.

I did say 6 ways for women to feel great, right? Every woman knows that a bra can make or break our day. I honestly hate wearing anything but a sports bra. In fact, I own more sport bras than I do any other bra. I was so excited that Champion was in my Babbleboxx! Not only am I a huge fan of Champion Athletic wear but Champion sport bras never let me down. The Curvy Strappy Champion sports bra has molded cups for shape and support!  It was so comfortable to wear at the gym and it was even stylish. What more could a girl ask for?! Click here to learn more about the curvy strappy champion sports bra! 

3. Get lost in a good book.

How many times have you picked up a book and just couldn't put it down? That's literally how I felt with The Myth of A Nice Girl. I was so inspired by the female empowerment and all of the career guidance that I just couldn't stop reading it! "The truth is that no matter how confident you are or how much you prepare, not every risk you take is going to turn our exactly how you'd like". If you are looking for a guide to succeed in life without losing yourself in the process, then click here to learn more about the book! I love spending my evenings by the pool with a glass of wine and a good book to help me inspire me.

4. Enjoy a wellness candle.

One of my favorite ways to relax is to enjoy a candle. I’ve been such a huge fan of Chesapeake Bay Candles so I was so excited to find the wellness fragrance in my Babbleboxx. Chesapeake Bay Candles are not only soy wax blended candles but they deliver a clean burn. They are also designed and poured right here in the US. But my favorite thing about Chesapeake Bay Mind & Body is that they are infused with natural essential oils. I’m absolutely in love with my Balance & Harmony candle. It’s so balanced and relaxing to me. You can click here to learn more about the wellness candle. Make sure to get one for yourself and a friend!

5. Invest in UV eyewear.

You don’t have to need contacts or glasses to wear eyewear. Zenni Optical create clear lens glasses and prescription glasses that block HEV blue light and provide maximum UV protection with minimal color distortion. Wheather you’re working in the office or enjoying sunset view – Zenni glasses can protect yours from harmful blue light. I loved the glasses in my Babblebox so much that I bought more glasses online on their website.  Zenni Optical also has blue blocker sunglasses! Make sure you click here to learn more about Zenni Optical and to order your next pair of glasses!

6. Add a daily health booster into your routine.

There is no better way to start your day than with a health boost or organic smoothie! Babbleboxx sent me some great products from Pure Synergy: Organic Beet Juice Powder & Turmeric Extract! I was so excited about the products that I tried both of them. I honestly noticed a huge difference between how I felt… The organic beet juice powder is a daily health booster. It’s so easy to make in the morning and has tons of phytonutrients! The Turmeric Extract optimizes your wellness and cognitive function. Plus, it’s great for after a workout because it helps heals inflamed muscles/aches. I truly felt so much better after taking the Turmeric Extract after my workout. I noticed a huge difference in my recovery and how I felt the next day.

Make sure you check out Pure Synergy products here and enjoy 15% off your next order at with code: PureSynergyPartner

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