Top Designer Dupes (& Fakes) from Amazon

Top Fake and Dupes Designer Items - Where to buy designer fake items and Dupes - Review - Blogger Sarah J.png

I know this post will be a little sensitive because we all have our opinions on knockoffs and fakes but I will let you decide for yourself. I was never really one to wear any designer items until I saw everyone wearing the beautiful David Yurman cable cuffs in college. When I looked the cable cuffs up online, I couldn’t believe the price tag!

Of course, as a college student, I could never afford the high price tags but I really loved the bracelet. It was until I started searching cable cuff bracelets on Amazon that I came across a fake designer bracelet. As I started searching for more, I found even more designer dupes on Amazon!

Now, I’ve noticed a good amount of Fashion Bloggers sharing their favorite designer dupes and fakes across Instagram and their blogs. I feel like now it’s pretty normal to share these hidden items.




If you order a product and it never arrives you can cancel it through Amazon. This has only happened to me once (when buying a Gucci belt) and Amazon quickly refunded me.