6 Tips for an Awesome Day Trip

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Day trips should be fun, right? Well that wasn’t the case for me and Andrew a few years ago. We had planned a 2 hours day trip to San Antonio and the entire day was just a huge mess. Not only did it take us 4 hours to get there but we were stressed, exhausted and hangry! Between us stopping to add air in our car tire every 30 miles to getting lost down a country road and running a highway toll, our day was a mess.

Andrew said, “We need to plan for day trips in order for us to actually enjoy them.” and I couldn’t have agreed with him more! With that being said, I want to share with you 6 tips for an awesome day trip!

An awesome day of travel doesn’t happen by accident. If you want to get there safe and ready to go, there are some great ways to improve the chances of that happening. The next time you’re planning to hit the road for a few days, follow these six easy tips to ensure an awesome time!

1. Don’t over plan your day.

One thing we learned from our day trip mess was that traffic is unpreventable. Plus, you might even want to stop at a little town on the way or even stop to see a local attraction! Just make sure you don’t have a set schedule on your little day trip. Give yourself time to be spontaneous! You’ll never regret those few precious hours exploring a new place.

2. Entertainment is a must.

Andrew is literally a bundle of entertainment in the car. Sometimes we even hold our on concerts! Though it can be a little silly, play a game of I-Spy. You can also find little sights or activities to stop and enjoy on your day trip to keep you entertained along the way!

3. Make sure your ride is ready.

You don’t want to end up with a tire leaking air during your entire road trip, do you? Make sure the entire car’s scheduled and preventative maintenance has been completed and up to date! I stop by my local auto shop and they give me a “curiosity check” before I head out on my day trip adventure to make sure my car is ready to rumble.

4. Know how to get where you’re going.

Whether you know how to get there by heart or if you have to use your GPS, make sure you’re prepared! If you are using your smartphone for directions, make sure you bring a charger!

5. Stop at Circle K for snacks & more!

Circle K focus on being a one stop shop; quest being "Let's make it easy". Andrew and I love to stop at Circle K on our way out of Houston for a day trip. We enjoy how the store is always clean and organized. Plus, we are able to get in out with everything we need including snacks! This past weekend we stopped on our way to Austin and spotted the NEW Sweetos™ Froster signage right away.

Of course, I couldn’t resist trying the NEW Sweetos™ Froster Cinnamon Sugar Flavor & Cheetos® Sweetos™ Combo! I will be the first to tell you that the NEW Sweetos™ Froster Cinnamon Sugar Flavor was freaking awesome! I love the icy cold, dangerously sweet, fabulously flavored refreshment. The Cheetos® Sweetos™ bring great cinnamon and sugar sweetened puff snacks for everyone to enjoy this spring.

For a limited time only you can experience Flavored Frozen Fun and have a Sweetos combo for only $2.50 when you buy Sweetos™ Froster & Cheetos® Sweetos™. Sweetos™ Froster is an exclusive and limited time offer only found at Circle K, 5th! Remember to hurry and try the Sweetos™ Froster, it’s tasty fun but only until May 5th!

6. Bring a camera.

With technology right at our fingertips, we should have no excuse about not taking enough photos! Whether you plan to use your cell phone or an actual camera, make sure you take lots of photos throughout your awesome day trip!

Your day trip can be an unforgettable adventure for you and your family, but it can also be a stressful experience if you don't take the time to plan. Follow these tips to get be prepared and arrive safe and happy. Make sure to stop at Circle K to enjoy the exclusive and limited time offer Sweetos™ Froster! The store locator is linked here and you check out the video here ! What are you waiting for? The open road awaits!