6 Tips for the Perfect Beach Picnic

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As it turns out, adult life isn’t nearly as full of vacation time as the movies would lead you to believe. But chances are you’ll make it to the beach at least once this season and hopefully for a picnic! If and when you get there, you’ll probably want to enjoy yourself. All that listening to the ocean waves and walking in the sand sure does create an appetite. Even though we live in Houston, Galveston beach is just a short 30 min drive away. The other evening after work, Andrew and I decided to take the dogs to the beach and have a little picnic.

However, I will never forget our first beach picnic… it was an epic fail! Not only did I forget a blanket but the sand found its way into our food.  At that time, I was so frustrated and decided beach picnics were just not of us. But on our way home, Andrew and I couldn’t help but laugh at each other. We were just so unprepared! But after a few more beach picnic mishaps, we have finally discovered how to have a great beach picnic! If you want your beach picnic to be great and enjoyable, these six easy tips are some great ways of making that happen!

1. Check the weather.

You may be thinking, “Well of course!” but I bet we are not the only ones who forgot to check the weather before driving to the beach for a picnic. Just because it’s a beautiful day outside when you leave the house, doesn’t mean it will be all sunshine and clear skies at the beach. Do yourself a favor check the weather!

2. Pick your blanket carefully.

The first time Andrew and I went to the beach we brought a tablecloth instead of a picnic blanket and it was a big mistake! Not only was it too thin to stay put on the sand but it was so small we couldn’t sit on it! Don’t want to end up with a sand-covered rear end? Pack a big blanket. If you’re worried about the sand being damp, take a shower curtain liner to put under the blanket. The waterproof liner will prevent you from getting a soggy bum.

3. Prepare for predators.

Oh, the imposing seagulls… full of attitude and no respect! Believe me when I say that these guys want your picnic food, and they will wait patiently for you to stop paying attention long enough so they can take it. You can avoid them stalking your every move if you only take out what you need from your cooler and enjoy it one at a time. Once you’re done, throw the garbage into a bag, tie it up, and throw it away. We left our garbage bag open just long enough for us to run down to the water and wash our feet, and when we got back to our blanket, there was a seagull trying to eat our trash!

4. Plan your menu.

Andrew and I are constantly on-the-go so we like to stop and pick up items for our picnic. I stopped at our local Target to pick up Creminelli snack trays! We love to enjoy Creminelli snack trays on-the-go because they are a high protein snack solution!  I chose the Prosciutto & Aged Mozzarella and Casalingo, Gouda & Dried Cherries snack trays this time.
Creminelli is revolutionizing snacking by introducing an artisan line of fresh protein snacks! Protein helps you recover from intense activity. Since protein is processed by your body more slowly than carb-heavy foods, it keeps you feeling full for longer! Plus, it balances out your blood sugar levels to prevent the low-energy crash you often experience with sweet or starchy snacks. Basically, Creminelli snacks will help you fuel for your adventure!

5. Keep everything really, really cold.

Ok, so I’m pretty sure this one is obvious, but it’s so important. Nobody wants to drink hot water on the beach! Start by using a good quality cooler or cooler bag to pack your food. Woven picnic baskets are cute, but unless it’s insulated, leave it at home. Adding ice is also a good idea. We like to freeze our water bottles before adding them to the cooler. Not only does this provide extra ice, but by the time we’re ready to eat, the water will have melted enough that we can have sips of icy water to cool down.

6. Bring hand wipes.

Just a heads up, no matter how “perfect” your particular picnic, sand is inevitable. Rinsing hands in saltwater just leave them sticky and you don’t want to enjoy your food with a side of sand. Make sure to bring some hand wipes with you on your picnic. Turns out there are some extraordinary ways you can use baby wipes, even if you don't have young kids!

Most of all, remember to have fun! There is nothing more exciting than walking on the beach to enjoy a picnic after a long day at work. Of course, you want everything else to go smoothly as well so make sure you follow these tips! Make sure you stop by your local Target to pick up Creminelli snack trays for your picnic. Follow Creminelli on their website , Instagram , Facebook , and Twitter for more inspiration and product information!