The Easiest Way to Book Your Beauty Appointments – Groupon BeautyNow

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Groupon and Fourstarzz Media; all opinions are entirely my own. #GrouponBeautyNow and #GetBeautyNow

Let’s face it, we all love a good pampering! Whether we are enjoying a massage or getting a simple manicure, it feels so good to indulge on yourself. However, sometimes the hassle of calling the salon to find an appointment that works for your schedule can just be a total headache. Trust me, I totally understand. I can’t imagine how much time I’ve wasted reaching salons and trying to book appointments… that’s why I’m so excited to share with you Groupon’s BeautyNow Booking feature! Not only can you find local salons but you can read reviews, book your appointments, and save money!

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I’ve been super stressed lately with work and I just wanted a hassle free massage. For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I live in Houston – the fourth largest city! So just because it says “Houston” doesn’t mean that it’s just 10 minutes away…  I love saving money and taking advantages of good deals! Just like every other time, I headed to Groupon to find an awesome deal nearby. Groupon always has awesome deals but the BeautyNow feature is so organized and user friendly to help you find a beauty service faster than ever before! Not only can you read reviews, compare pricing, pre-pay, but you can book your appointment online!

BeautyNow Booking, a feature in the Groupon app, allows users to seamlessly book their beauty services, enjoy discounted appointments during select times at top salons and spas, and a Cashless Payment feature applied post-service.

I recently took Groupon’s BeautyNow service for a test-drive for a massage on Monday. Booking my appointment has never been easier!! The BeautyNow Booking feature in Groupon allows user to seamlessly book their beauty services. You can take advantage of this feature on your computer or download the app on your phone!   I also love the fact that I can read reviews and see the normal prices. I may or may not have booked my massage at work on my lunch break… and here’s how I did it!

1. Search Services

Find BeautyNow Booking at the top of the Groupon App … or on the Groupon website. It’s on the homepage.

2. Find Salon

Click on the BeautyNow category you are interested in! You can filter it down so specifically to find the best service.

3. Schedule Service

Simply select a date and time. Groupon lets you know once your booking is confirmed! They email you a confirmation too!

4. Enjoy Appointment


Afterwards, payment and tip are handled for you. No Groupons, no cash, no fuss! It’s seriously so nice. I decided to take advantage of a 30 min Swedish massage at Thai Massage & Day Spa and it was everything I wanted! Great service, clean spa, and no hassle! The entire experience was totally relaxing.

Want to try out Groupon BeautyNow for yourself? Use the promo code “WANDERDUST15” to receive $15 off your first BeautyNow purchase!