How to Unclog Your Pores!

This past weekend, Andrew and I spent the day out by our pool. Although it was too cold to swim, my face was completely naked – no foundation, no bb cream or concealer. I couldn’t help but notice how clogged my pores were and how many blackheads were on my nose! I was embarrassed not because of how I look but how unhealthy my skin felt. Just like you deep-clean your house and swap your winter wardrobe with lighter clothing, it’s so important to update your skincare routine! You should refresh your skin when the warm weather arrives to keep your skin radiant and healthy.

Later that night, we stopped at Target to pick up some groceries and I saw the New Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask! I love that the mask is infused with natural Charcoal and that it HEATS up! That’s right my friends, it gets nice and warm to really draw out deep down dirt, oil, and surface toxins. I’ve been a huge fan of Bioré products and the Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips are my jam!

My skin is super sensitive and super prone to breakouts, but I’ve never had any issues with Bioré products before. Bioré has advanced products that really work, with higher technology, unique ingredients, and unexpected sensorial solutions that target the root of all skin problems—the evil clogged pore,  Bioré fights smarter not harder than other cleansing offerings.

Because I was in the midst of a blackhead breakout, I started testing the charcoal’s ability, literally the second I got home. The Bioré One Minute Self Heating Mask was so easy to use. It instantly started to heat up and never got hard on my skin. Rinsing was so easy! I felt like it literally melted away all the dirt and oil on my face in just 60 seconds. The mask finishes with a cooling sensation for a tingly tight-oh-so smooth skin.

Immediately following the mask, I used my Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips to really lift out my deep-down grime, oil, and blackheads.  The pore strips are known for unclogging your pores, drawing excess oil for the deepest clean, and reducing shine to see 3 times less oil, so I put all of these affirmations to the ultimate test. The instructions say that one strip is all it takes– in just 10 minutes; you’ll remove a week’s worth of buildup. Yikes!

Even though the test strip was kind of disgusting post de-clogging, I can absolutely attest to their efficacy. My pores felt clean and appeared smaller, and Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips kept my oily skin at bay for around 24 hours, which is difficult to do when you live in Houston. I highly recommend giving both the mask and pore strips a try, especially if you’re prone to blackouts– if, for no other reason, to say you’ve put charcoal on your face. You can learn more about  Bioré on their website but follow them on Instagram and Facebook for news and tips!

If you decide to give Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips and/or One Minute Self Heating Mask a try, I picked mine up at Target. You can buy them at major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Walgreens. etc. You can see distribution here. 

Have you ever tried Bioré products before? Unclog your pores!