4 Tips for Extremely Busy People

This post was sponsored Tai Pei, all opinions expressed in my post are my own. #TaiPeiFrozenFood #IC

If you are anything like me, you probably live a fast-paced, technology-filled lifestyle. Between work, the commute, my online classes, taking care of Andrew and Frank, cooking and cleaning, connecting on social media, and working out, I’m busier than ever.

Let’s face it, we are all busy. If you are like anything like me, you are probably constantly just making more plans. You spend hours and hours working every day and still don't feel like you've made a dent in your to-do list. Trust me, I understand. And I know that there will simply never be enough hours in the day. So today I want to share with you a few tips on how to make the most out of your time!

1. Stock Up on Easy Grab & Go Food!

The busier I get the less I want to cook. The thought of pulling everything out in my kitchen, then standing over the stove and then cleaning after I eat just stresses me out. Andrew suggested that we needed meals that we can stock up on and required very little cleanup. One of our favorite stock up options is Tai Pei single serve entrees.

Tai Pei entrees are made with only REAL ingredients and no preservatives, unlike traditional frozen food. They also taste so fresh, you’ll have a hard time believing it was made right in your own microwave. And, you can pick them up in the freezer section at your local grocery store. There are a ton of different Tai Pei single serve entrees to choose from! My personal favorite is the Fried Rice (veggie or chicken) and Andrew loves all of them. He is a huge fan of Asian Food!

If you have never had a Tai Pei single serve frozen entree before, let me just say, they taste just like takeout that you can make right in your own microwave in a matter of minutes (thanks to the convenient new packaging). No more paying a fortune and waiting around for the delivery guy, because seriously, who has time for that?!

You can use the store locator to find where Tai Pei single servings are available near you! Don’t forget to enter Tai Pei’s giveaway below to win one of ten $100 Walmart gift cards or three $500 Walmart gift cards. I-C will randomly select 13 winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes.

Tai Pei can take the boring out of any typical meal routine! All you have to do is grab a fork on the way out the door and you’ll have an instant tasty lunch (or dinner) on the go!

2. Family Calendar App

Andrew and I are constantly making plans and our family calendar app has never made it easier for us! Both of our calendars are synced so we on the same page. Whenever we add in personal appointments or plans, we both know so we don’t have to worry about any schedule conflicts! It says so much time too because we don’t have to text each other each time we want to make plans because we can see if we are available or not on our family calendar!

3. Set Alarms throughout the Day

In addition to your calendar, set alarms on your phone for key times each day. Not only will it help you stay on top of your schedule but you won’t have to worry about being late anymore! It may seem like an annoying them to do but it has seriously helped me so much. Instead of binge-watching an entire season, I simply set my alarm for an hour to be sure I still make it to the gym before my day ends!

4. Keep Extras in Your Car

I can’t tell you how many times I left my workout clothes at home… I’m notorious for forgetting everything! One time I was in a rush and left the house with two different shoes on, I really can’t seem to get it together. That’s why I started to just keep extra things in my car! I have shoes, a jacket, dog bowls, water bottles, and more! I’m prepared for whatever I might need so I don’t have to make an out of the way trip back home!

I-C will randomly select 13 winners from all program entries and will facilitate fulfillment of the winning prizes.

Time is the only thing we all have in common and yet no one ever seems to have enough. Make sure to stock up on easy grab and go food to help yourself save time and energy! Tai Pei single serve is quick and ready in minutes! Learn more about Tai Pei by following them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram! Want to try Tai Pei single serve Asian meals for yourself? Use their store locator tool to find them in your grocer’s freezer!