6 Steps to Stay Organized in 2018

I was given products on behalf of this post, however, I only express my true opinion and choosing to feature an item is my own personal choice. #erincondren

Those who know me know that I’m completely OCD when it comes to being organized.  I blame my completely Type A personality and my love for all pretty organization tools.I recently received the Day Designer, which inspired me to share some of my favorite organization tips to help you gear up for 2018!

Between my job, blogging, and my personal life being organized is about the only thing keeping me sane. It certainly takes a lot of effort, but it’s well worth it. I’ve teamed up with Erin Condren today to share how I stay organized. I try to follow the tips below to keep me going and hopefully they help you too!

1. Get a planner that inspires you.

 I chose the Day Designer planner because 1) it’s SO pretty and 2) it makes me WANT to write in it. I love that it has pages to set up goals for the year, balance my budget, and that it lets me make a new “to do list” every day. Seriously, I think I am a To-Do list Queen, so it couldn’t be a better fit. 

2. Set Goals.

 I love to start my year by coming up with goals and writing down exact actions that can help to make those goals happen. This year, J and I want to start saving for a house and taking time to get organized and think about how we can realistically do that helps to make it a reality. 

3. Put all important dates in your planner and on your calendar.

 I can’t stress this one enough. I carry my planner around with me all the time. However, Andrew and I also have a calendar on our refrigerator. I make sure both of them match so we don’t forget anything!  Whenever I plan a double date, make an appointment, or travel for work, I jot it down so that I can make sure we both are well aware! 

4. Sunday Review Sessions.

 Every Sunday I sit down and plan my week ahead. It only takes about 20 minutes, but it’s a great way for me to know what’s coming up and prepare for anything that’s coming my way. Plus it helps me stay on top of my goals and I get so much more accomplished throughout the week.

5. Be Motivated.

 Organization takes a lot of time. It can be really hard to stick to the goals you set for yourself, do your chores, or jot down every appointment. Stickers, markers, and all the other pretty planner accessories motivated me to use my planner and my calendar. Erin Condren is the goddess of pretty planner accessories.

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6. Stick to your plan.

 Being organized and using a planner is great, but only if you actually follow through. If you write it down, make sure that you stick to it! 

How do you plan to stay organized in 2018?!