Andrew's Birthday: Skydive Lonestar & Bar-B-Q

***Disclosure – I did receive free services in exchange for this review. However, all opinions and my love for the product are all my own.***

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Each year I try my best to plan a great birthday event for Andrew! Last year, we had an epic vacation in California but this year we decided to stay local. Even though Hurricane Harvey decided to make landfall on Andrew’s actual birthday, we made sure to celebrate on Labor Day weekend!


For Andrew’s birthday this year, I decided to take him sky diving! That’s right, SKY DIVING! Andrew always says that if it wasn’t for me and my adventurous spirit, he wouldn’t experience life to the fullest so I decided on a tandem sky dive for his birthday. When I first told him the plan, he just laughed but within seconds he shouted, “Are you serious?!” From the moment I told him, he just got more and more excited about sky diving.  Who doesn’t want to fly over Texas to experience the rush of jumping from 14,500 feet at speeds over 120mph for their birthday?!

After a few days of searching the web, I chose Sky Dive Lone Star to book our experience. The reviews online were all awesome and everyone I spoke to over the phone were so professional and helpful. It’s obvious they are passionate about skydiving and that safety truly is their top priority.  They are located in Luling, Texas which is about 2.5 hours from Houston but it’s an easy drive!

We arrived at SkyDive Lonestar around 9:30 am to fill out some paperwork and to watch a safety video before our scheduled jumps at 10 am. The two young women in the office were so helpful and friendly throughout our entire experience! Andrew and I were both a little apprehensive and nervous but the girls were so confident about us having an incredible experience.

Before we knew it, we had met our instructors and were headed in the plane! I cannot even begin to explain the feeling while the plane took off. I wasn’t scared or anxious… I was like comfortable, excited, and curious! The instructors just made us feel confident and it was obvious they were passionate about their jobs!

Once the aircraft door opened, I really felt the rush of what I was about to do. Andrew jumped first and I was just minutes behind him! My heart was pounding as I stepped on the ledge but within seconds, I felt the rush of free-falling over Texas at 120 mph. The thrill is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. It all happened so fast!

I got in the plane, I jumped, and then I was ready to land. My instructor, Doug, is definitely an experience instructor! He was determined for us to land right on our feet so he coached me through the process and we nailed the landing! AHHH. IT. WAS. AWESOME!

From the young women in the office, to my jumper, and videographer, everyone was just so friendly and helpful throughout our entire experience. Most importantly, Andrew had a blast and we caught his entire experience on video(coming soon)! I’m so glad we opted for the photo and video package too.

It was such an incredible experience and we are able to share it with our family and friends! Andrew said it was the best birthday present ever and he already wants to go skydiving again! If you are thinking about it, DO IT!


After our skydiving adventures, we were starving so we headed to the local bar-b-q place! Since we were celebrating Andrew’s birthday, everything was his choice. He loves him some good Texas bar-b-q too.

The little place was definitely a local’s favorite as it was busy for a Sunday. Andrew and I ordered meat plates with two sides! It was pretty good for a small town bar-b-q place plus they even had fresh pies sliced and ready to eat.

Luling is a small town in Texas but don’t let them fool you. Every year in June, they host the watermelon thump festival! The entire town will have watermelons everywhere! It’s a huge event for such a small town that people from all over go to join in and eat watermelon.  Hopefully, we will be able to go next year!