Gray, Gray, Go Away!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Everpro Gray Away. All of the thoughts and opinions are mine alone. #GrayAway #NoMoreGrayDays


I bet you guys are like, “There is no way she has gray hair”. Don’t worry, I don’t have gray hair yet but my momma sure does! Maybe you have gray hair too. I know it’s something most women and even men don’t like to really talk about. I can be embarrassing and I totally understand that. However, graying hair is just a part of life. Gray hair doesn’t discriminate!

My mom has several friends who’ve decided they were just going to let their hair go natural. My mom even thought about it herself, but all of her kids convinced her to keep getting her hair done at the salon. It’s just a way my mom gets to enjoy herself and have some “me” time.

The other day my mom and I were talking about how she needed a touch up on her hair color at the salon but she still had weeks to go before her schedule appointment. So we headed to over local Walgreens to find a solution! That’s when we stumbled upon Gray Away.

Gray Away is the perfect solution.  It instantly covers gray roots leaving a natural look and feel that perfectly matches your hair color. We used the Everpro Gray Away Root Touch-Up Magnetic Powder. However, you also get Gray Away temporary root concealer spray but us and an aerosol can could get ugly! So, we opted for the magnetic powder. Sounds simple right? Too simple. But it works. Look!

 Do you have issues keeping the gray hairs at bay? Are they making you look older than you are? Ready to get rid of them without spending all of your time and money at the salon? Want to know more? You can get the complete scoop at  and Gray Away is available at your favorite retailers including Walgreens!