Art Car Museum + Ninfa's on Navigation

I’m sure many locals have explored the Art Car Museum in Houston but I had no idea it even existed until I heard about the Art Car parade! The Art Car parade is a huge event held in Houston each year. You will see the craziest and most creative cars! This year, I was working on out of town so I missed the event… but I wanted to get an idea of what the parade was like so we headed to the Art Car Museum!

The museum is absolutely free. It is smaller than I expected it to be but it was very informative! I’d love the vibe of the museum too. The Art Car Museum also known as the “Garage Mahal” has a distinctive scrap metal and chrome exterior and provides an imaginative indication of the extraordinary cars to be found inside. It is a private museum of contemporary art that open in 1998. Houston is actually considered the ‘Art Car Capital’ because it has more art cars than any other city.  It’s definitely worth a stop in to check out the cars on display!

Unlike the Art Car Museum, The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation is a popular spot in Houston.  They are known for the “best Mexican food in Texas Since 1973”. After more than 40 years in the business, Ninfa’s on Navigation is more popular than ever and is still serving the best Mexican food in Texas! Andrew and I were super excited to finally eat at one of the most renowned restaurants in Houston!

We ordered the famous fajitas and a pitcher of margarita to enjoy! The restaurant is causal and prices were a little higher than expect but the food was really good. This isn’t your average Tex-Mex restaurant… its real Mexican food!  I would make a reservation if you plan to go because the place is crowded especially on the weekends!  

Have you been to the Art Car Museum or Ninfa's on Navigation yet?!