10 Things You Should Have in Your Living Room

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I'll never forget when Andrew and I got our first place together. It was so exciting and yet overwhelming all at the same time. We had no idea what we really needed but we were determined to make it as stylish as possible. I mean… it was our place and every place should have a story.

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Whether we're watching a movie, playing with the dog, or entertaining our guests, we are always in the living room. It’s the most important room to us because it’s where we spend most of time.  With that being said, I wanted to share 10 things you really need in your living room. Not only to make it stylish but also cozy and welcoming for everyone!

1. Couch

Your couch is the most important thing in your living room. It's one of the first things people will see when they walk into your home, and like shoes, it can either make or break the look you're trying to capture. Buy your couch before any other item because it will set the tone for the room.

2. Rug

Area rugs can make the biggest difference to the feel of a room or space. However, rug shopping can be a huge pain because there are so many different kinds of styles of rugs at almost every price point. Just pick a rug in your price point and know your boundaries. Make sure that there is going to be an even amount of flooring around all four sides once it's placed in your living room.

3. Coffee Table/End Table

Sometimes when you buy your couch, stores will throw in the coffee table or an end table with your purchase. If you can't find a deal likes this, consider using a flat-topped trunk, a set of wine barrels, or make them out of crates (that's super popular right now). When choosing a wood coffee table, make sure it suits the size of your living room, couch, and rug.

4. The Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade®

The design, the aesthetic, the flow, it's all a meaningful presentation of who you are and what story you are trying to share. Because of this, it's important to have the atmosphere captured in your living room. I use home fragrance products by Glade® to tell my living room’s story. Glade® has a great variety of fragrances and products to help me create my story. While shopping at Kroger, I discovered the Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Home Fragrance by Glade® products and fell in love with the scents!

The collection has 4 inspirational home fragrances that provide curated and artisanal scents, crafted and layered with ingredients by world-renown fragrance designer Ann Gottlieb.  Available in 4.2oz Jar Candles and PlugIns® Scented Oils (2 Count) varieties these unique fine home fragrances found in the Atmosphere Collection™ by Glade® cover 4 vastly different fragrance profiles; N°1 Enraptured™, N°2 Bright™, N°3 Free™, and N°4 Tempted™.

I completely fell in love with N°1 Enraptured™ - Jasmine and Cedarwood and N°3 Free™ - Coconut and Beach Woods for our living room because both were playful and relaxing fragrances. Both scents really helped complement our living room and share our story. N°1 Enraptured™- Jasmine and Cedarwood gave me an enchanted feel. It gave me a charming vibe that instantly relaxed me. I also loved N°3 Free™- Coconut and Beach Woods because it promoted a carefree scent, which danced through the air on the essence of coconut and beach woods. Both N°1 and N°3 are two totally different beautiful fragrances and both showcase my story.

It can be hard to find a home fragrance that truly expresses your story and who you but the Atmosphere Collection™ by Glade® made it easy for me. Your living room atmosphere should be created and defined by you. Also click here to save $1.00 when you buy any ONE (1) Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Product. Valid 8/13 – 8/26.

5. Plants

Nothing gives a room instant-freshness like a plant! Whether it's a housewarming gift or one you brought home from the store. Just make sure you keep the plant looking vibrant or it will totally ruin the mood in your living room.

6. Lamps           

Want to add a little drama to your living room? Lamps are another easy way to alter the feel in your place. Pick up a lamp or two to set on your end table or place in the corner of the room. In the evening when you're watching a movie or reading a book, the lamp will give you cozy intimate vibe.

7. Cozy Blankets

Believe it or not, a few little tweaks in your living room will help make it sparkle. Throw blankets or afghans are the perfect way to add color and texture to your space. Sometimes it's all you need to jazz up the vibe to your sofa before your living room is complete.

8. Art

The biggest misconception about having art in your living room is that for something to look substantial, it has to cost a lot of money. Granted, a frame poster of John Mayer isn't going to come off as unique but whatever moves you deserves precious wall space.

9. Curtains

Nothing sets a mood like a curtain. Curtains can change the feel of your living room and can either make the room feel smaller or bigger. They are also super easy to install. Plus, they add privacy in your living room. Depending on the theme of your living room, I would suggest finding colorful curtains that tie the room together. You’ll want the curtains to be dark enough for privacy at night but also light enough to let the sunlight in during the day.

10. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are another way to easily alter the feel of your living room. Purchase some pretty throw pillows to add more color and coziness to your living room! They can also make your couch look fuller and more appealing!

Your living room is a blank canvas.  Make sure you create the image you want others to see and feel as you share your story. Intensify your own senses and pout your emotions to work with a beautifully built atmosphere of sights, feels, and fragrances. Explore the Atmosphere Collection™ by Glade in the air care aisle at Kroger, and bring home an elevated fragrance experience that truly tells your story.

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