Work It Girl! Vertical Stripes with J Crew

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with vertical stripes. I watched an episode of What Not To Wear and it highlighted all the benefits of vertical stripes. Vertical stripes apparently make your look taller and thinner. So I went on the hunt to find thin black vertically striped capris and found the perfect pair at J Crew!

Throughout the summer, I try my best to keep my outfits crisp, clean and simple at work. I just love the classic look and the clean shape the darker shades highlight.

I snagged my capris from J Crew at the beginning of summer. I really like the quality of pants/capris from J Crew and plus, they are so comfortable! My top and blazer are also from J Crew and they’re closet staples for me. My top is probably 2-3 years old but it still looks brand new! It also fits me perfectly. Quality of quantity ladies!

These chunky heel sandals are actually from Amazon… I know, crazy right?! I’m a huge fan of online shopping. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have moments when I love to browse through the mall but I hate finding something I love not in my size at the store. When shopping online, you have better chances finding the right sizes. Plus, I love seeing all that I’m getting at checkout and how much each item cost. It helps me decide if I really want it. You know what I mean?

What I’m wearing:  Capris; JCrew //  Top; JCrew // Blazer; JCrew  (c/o) // Purse; Michael Kors// Shoes; ZooShoo

Are you a huge fan of stripes? Horizontal or vertical?!

*Photography by The McRaes Photography