MilSO Box is a monthly subscription box created just for military spouses (girlfriends too) and/or moms! As a military spouse, I understand how important our faith and love supports our loved ones serve our country. MilSO Box honors us by sending high quality goods to encourage, pamper, and surprise us each month! Each month’s box contains 4 to 7 precious gifts such as home décor, beauty products, inspiration items, and of course, patriotic gifts! MilSO Box is a great gift to inspire and excite military significant others!

This month I’ve teamed up with Lindsay, founder of MilSO Box, to share with you her MilSO Box subscriptions and to giveaway one FREE Milso Box!!! One of my favorite things about MilSO Box is how it’s specifically created for the branch of service your significant other serves!

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that my husband, Andrew, is active duty in the Coast Guard! So when I purchased by own MilSO box, I was able to select the Coast Guard as my favorite military branch! MilSO Box also features products from Veteran-Owned businesses which I think is pretty awesome!

I went to the MilSO Box website and signed up for my first MilSO Box last month! I was anxious to receive my first box in the mail... I'm still in that "I love getting mail" phase in my life. Anyways, I was so excited to see my box in my mailbox! I ran inside and opened it immediately! 

It was the "Cookout" MilSO Box!! It contained a soy candle, personal recipe book, brats and burgers recipe, BBQ rub, and a dish towel! 

The 100% soy sweet tea candle is from a MilSO owned Southern Elegance Candle Company! The candle seriously smells so good that I have it burning right next to me as I write this post! 

The personal recipe book is too cute. MRE stands for Meals Ready to Eat for those of you who don't know the million military abbreviations(lol)! The decorated Brats & Burgers Print & Recipe card was illustrated by a member of the Marine Corps wife, Darra Bryant! She owns a calligraphy company that creates super cute recipe cards and stuff. It's pretty awesome, right? Check out more of her work here! 

Pratt's BBQ Pt's Magic Rub is from my home state, North Carolina. The Veteran-owned Pratt's BBQ Pit's Magic Rub is from a trusted BBQ Master in Durham, North Carolina. I love the idea of using this rub to recreate North Carolina BBQ in my own backyard! Lastly, we have the beautiful "Home is where.." Dish Towel! MilSO owned Skidz Wife Creations collaborated with MilSO Box to create the adorable flour sack dish towel to help clean at your next summer dinner. 

I absolutely adore my MilSO Box this month and I cannot wait to use my new goodies this summer. As a way to show appreciation, MilSO Box has sponsored a fantastic giveaway (pictured) which one free MilSO Box!  Enter via Rafflecopter below!

You don’t have to be a military spouse/girlfriend/mom to participate in this giveaway! You could gift the MilSO Box to a military significant of your choice! Enter via Rafflecopter below!

If you really want a MilSO Box or to send one as a gift, use code SJFRIENDS10 for 10% your box! :)