The Best 4 Hours in Omaha, Nebraska!

As Andrew and I were planning for our road trip up to Montana from Houston, we realized we’d be passing through Omaha, Nebraska. Once I noticed, I laughed and thought to myself, “What in the heck is in Omaha?!”  So just like everyone else nowadays, I googled “what is in Omaha?” and discovered more than I imagined.

Of course I thought Omaha would be a lot like a Little House on the Prairie episode, but Nebraska has more than just farm land. Not only is Omaha that largest city in Nebraska but it’s also America’s 42nd largest city! Andrew and I only have about 4 hours to explore Omaha so we didn’t get to do as much but we enjoyed every minute of it!

Aromas Coffeehouse

For all of those of read my blog regularly, you know that I love coffee. Since Andrew and I travel a lot throughout the year, I love trying new coffee places. Aromas Coffeehouse was first on our list in Omaha! It is located in such a trendy area with cobblestone streets and old brick buildings. The inside of the coffeehouse is rustic but what else would you except? The staff were awesome and the coffee was delicious! Andrew and I shared a cinnamon roll as we enjoyed our lattes walking around the older part of town.

Old Market

The Old Market is the most historic and entertaining neighborhood in Omaha! The cool vibe and cobblestone streets lead you to a diverse mix of shopping, restaurants, and people watching.  Andrew and I weren’t very hungry or in the mood to “shop” so we browsed around a few antique stores.  Ohhh the things you can discover “antiquing”… it’s definitely entertaining! We also walked around to find street art in the historical area. It’s obvious that it has something to offer everyone! Definitely check it out if you ever find yourself in Omaha!

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge is a very well know bridge that crosses the Missouri River from Nebraska to Iowa. It has an incredible view of the Omaha Skyline as well. Luckily, it was such a beautiful day when we were there! Andrew and I were able to take our time and enjoy the views during our short walk to Iowa. They cherry blossoms were also in full bloom! It’s free and the perfect way to stretch your legs after riding in the car for so long!

College World Series Stadium

If you are a fan of baseball, and I mean the pure game of baseball, you would love to check out the College World Series Stadium! Andrew played baseball since he was a child and all throughout college. He even plays every Thursday on an adult softball league! He was so excited to see the old and the new College World Series Stadium. I really wish we could have seen a game while we were passing through but seeing the stadium was enough to excited Andrew. I can’t imagine the excited of the actual College World Series! I’m sure Omaha turns into an entire baseball city for those two weeks!


After adventuring around the city, Andrew and I were starving… but we wanted to head out of Omaha and gain some miles towards Rapid City. Though we didn’t make it far down the road till we saw Spezia and decided to stop for lunch! I love Italian food and the sign caught my attention.  The charming restaurant was perfect to end our Omaha adventure! The food was good and the prices were reasonable! We found this gem by accident but we are sure glad we did! 

Have you ever been to Omaha?!