Dog Park Fun & Safety Tips!

Everyday Andrew and I try our best to take Frankie to the dog park. Not only does it give Frankie the exercise he needs but it also wears him out for the night! When we come home from work, Frankie is practically jumping off the walls. Since, we don’t have a backyard or anything; the dog park is our next best option! Luckily, we only live about 15 mins away so it’s convenient to take him there.

When we first rescued Frankie, we were nervous to take him to the dog park… we didn’t know how he was going to act around other dogs and we weren’t sure how to handle him at the dog park either. However, now that we are the “usual” dog parents in the park, I feel confident taking Frankie there.  Throughout my many hours at the dog park with Frankie, I’ve learned a few things or two about the dog park. With that being said, I want to share with you 6 super safety tips for taking your dog to the dog park!

1. Ask your veterinarian first.

Your dog should be current on vaccinations and flea and intestinal parasite preventives before running around the dog park with other dogs. You really want to be able to prevent any health problems for your dog.

2.  Communicate

If a problem was to occur at the dog park, you need to be able to communicate with your dog. I would advise your dog to know some basic obedience commands such a “come”, “sit” or “no”.  Frankie knows that if a shake my car keys, it’s time to go so he goes right near the gate. Communication is important at the dog park!

3.  Find your spot.

You want to find a dog park that is just for you and your dog.  It should have plenty of room for the dog to run, a secure fence, double gate, and drinking water available. Frankie is only 20 pounds so he goes to a dog park for “small” dogs. If you visit a dog park and it is crazy busy or you see aggressive dogs or owners not watching their dogs, find a new park to go to.

4. Be ready.

Believe it or not, you should be taking a few essentials with you at the dog park. Take your cell phone in case of an emergency, a leash, bags for cleaning up, and maybe a few toys. I also like to bring my headphones to listen to music so keep those in mind too!

5. Watch.

You should watch your dog at the dog park and keep other dogs in mind too. You should keep an eye out for overly excited or aggressive dogs near him. If your dog starts acting scared or overwhelmed, communicate with him to come to you.  Your dog should feel safe at the dog park!

6. Know when to intervene.

It’s obvious that dogs are going to be playful, wag their tails, and running all around the park! Just be watchful of signs of aggression such as growling or a stiffed posture. If your dog starts growling at another or vice-versa, just you basic commands to call your dog back to you and relax him. You don’t want your dog to get in a fight!

Frankie and I love the dog park especially when our favorite “regulars” are there! The dog park is so much fun so make sure you and your dog are ready!

Have you ever taken your dog to the dog park?!