6 Hours in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

As Andrew and I started our Mid- West Road Trip Part 1, we stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although we only had about 6 hours to explore, we were going to make the most out of it! Tulsa is not only the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma but it’s also the heart of the state. Tulsa once called itself the “Oil Capital of the World” after realizing it was located on top of the world’s largest known oil reservoir. However, the title did not last long but the impact of the oil industry is still obvious through the city as energy companies gather to drill, supply and sell on the black gold.

Since we only had a few hours in the city, we decided to explore the major highlights and learn the history behind them!

Philbrook Museum of Art 

I now understand why the Philbrook Art Museum is the number one ‘thing to do’ in Tulsa. It was once home to a Phillips 66 oil tycoon which isn’t surprising given Tulsa's history. The museum is able to really transport you back to the history of the home especially in the older wings of the museum.  The building itself is a work of art and, the gardens were lovely to wander through. The museum holds a impressive variety of artwork! Although we only have a few hours to spend in the museum, you could spend days maybe even weeks admiring the beautiful artwork in the museum. The gardens were absolutely groomed to perfection.  The Philbrook has a gazebo and other walking paths through the grounds. The best part of the Philbrook is that they offer free admission every second Saturday of the month! Philbrook is a must-experience destination when visiting Tulsa!

The Cave House

As we were driving around in Tulsa, I noticed a house that literally looked like a cave… so I googled it, lol! Little did I know it was “The Cave House”! The unique house is located on a busy street in the city and the unique structure catches your eye as you drive by. The house actually offers a tour but you must book them in advance! Andrew and I were unable to book a tour but I would love to learn more its history!

Center of the Universe

If you like random oddities or mystery spots and happen to be near downtown Tulsa, this is worth checking out!  I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would... it was neat to hear the echo in the circle but not just one step outside of it. Parking was a nightmare because it is located downtown but it was worth it. It's also a fun people-watching spot, seeing the various reactions that people have when they check it out!

Praying Hands

You can easily see the hands from the road, but take a few minutes to stop in and look at it! Andrew and I were so glad that we did because up close, you can appreciate the craftsmanship much better, and see the detail that was put into the hands. The statue is huge surrounded by the flags of the world. There is a memorial on the back side to those who have lost their lives while spreading the Good News. We used the small parking lot just to the right of the entryway and walked over for a closer look. I'm sure that's why it’s there. There are benches all the way around it but its more for meditating. You can walk all the way around in 5 minutes at a leisurely pace. We stayed for a few to enjoy the serenity, and ponder the symbolism of a pair of giant hands. It was pretty awesome and totally worth a visit if you’re in the area!

Andolini's Pizzeria

While in Tulsa Andrew and I were celebrating my birthday! So naturally I wanted pizza, lol. I googled, “best pizza in Tulsa” and found Andolini's was rated #1 out of the 63 Italian restaurants in the Tulsa city limits!  With that being noted, we decided to give it a try. It was the BOMB! The service was excellent as was the pizza! The sauce, dough, cheese and even some of the meats are made or cured in-house. This locally owned restaurant is worth a trip to Tulsa!

How else should you do Tulsa in 6 hours?! Eat, explore & learn!