MLB Opening Day 2017: Houston Astros'

Retouched Shot of Leading Man.jpg

The other day Andrew got asked if he wanted to participate in the Houston Astro’s Opening Day joint service recognition.  As soon as he told me, I just got so excited! I love seeing my man in uniform almost as much as I love free tickets and most importantly, ballpark food!!

It was a crazy Monday for me at work and to rush home to let Mr. Frank out to rush back to downtown was insane! We rushed to find parking downtown but since we got our tickets free, we decided to splurge on a $20 parking spot (ridiculous, I know). As soon as we got there, Andrew had to meet up with the rest of the military men and women. Luckily, there was another spouse there so I had a wing woman during the ceremony!

Retouched Field Shot of Color Guard.jpg

Andrew had volunteered me to take photos of the ceremony for the Houston Coast Guard Facebook page so I rushed down with my wing woman to find the best spot! After many staircases later, we found the absolute best spot… but because we didn’t have tickets to be in those seats, we had to settle for second best!

The Joint Service Recognition was beautiful and well-deserved! As a military spouse, I always feel so honored of my husband especially when he is being recognized for his service to this country. I literally had butterflies in my stomach when I saw Andrew walk on the field holding our beautiful American Flag. It’s nothing for me to feel overwhelmed with emotions when I watch the Color Guard or hear the National so when I saw Andrew walk on the Houston Astros’ field, I felt nothing but pride.

After the game started, Andrew found me standing in front of a food truck (no surprise), and we rushed home to watch the NCAA tournament! But as we were leaving, this man came up to Andrew and thanked him for his service! Despite all the crazy challenges we sometimes face, nothing can compare to being honored throughout your community. I stood in the stands with thousands of other Major League Baseball fans tonight watching my husband and other military men and women in a joint service recognition presenting our beautiful American Flag to kick off the 2017 Houston Astros' season!

Let’s go Astros’!