Molly's Bakery: Frankie's Easter Egg!

I can’t help but notice all the cutie festive pet isles when I take Frank to doggie day care. A few weeks ago, I noticed the adorable festive Easter eggs near the dog food. I just had to get him one! I had never bought Molly’s Bakery items before so I quickly googled the gourmet dog treat bakery and found so many positive reviews.

The treats are baked with the best human-grade ingredients combined with a tasty carob or vanilla toping! Ingredinets such as whole wheat flour, applesauce, whey powder, and more.

“Molly's Bakery is the ultimate wholesale Gourmet Dog Treat Bakery, serving everything fresh when ordered. Their Dog, Bone and Peanut Butter Cup Treats are gourmet hand-cut, baked and hand-decorated and made with love for your four-legged friends. Fresh is their specialty!”

As you can see from the photos, Frankie loved his Easter egg! Hehe, isn’t he just the freakin cutest?! You can find your own Molly’s Bakery dog treats, here!