Underground Houston: The Cistern!

As some of you may already know… I’ve been in Houston for over a year now and I’m still finding new things to explore! My little brother, Tyler, flew into Houston for his spring break so I had to look up all the fun and free things to do! After many hours of searching, I discovered the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern!

“The Cistern at Buffalo Bayou Park is a former drinking water reservoir built in 1926 for the City of Houston. As one of the city’s early underground reservoirs, it supported the municipal water system’s goals of fire suppression (water pressure) and drinking water storage. After operating for decades, an irreparable leak was discovered and after a few years, the reservoir was decommissioned in 2007” for more information go here! 

The Cistern is currently showing Rain:  Magdalena Fernández (Video Installation 2iPM009 from the series Mobile Paintings, 2009).  *Digital animation by Marcelo D’Orazio / Audio track produced by Perpetuum Jazzile vocal group

 I had never been to the Cistern or seen a video installation before so I thought this would be a unique yet fun thing to do with my brother and of course, Andrew. It is  free for everyone on Thursdays!! What day do you think we went?! If you choose to go any other day, a ticket cost about $10. (click here for more information)

The show is hard to describe… Imagine being underground in a dark area with strangers… each of you are walking around with the sound of a storm but with lights appearing all over the place to visually show you the storm. Your imagination is constantly focused on the storm and yet you feel alone in a crowd. It’s an experience like no other. If you have the chance to see the show, you must go. The artist will blow you away and you will remember just how powerful art can be. All three of us enjoyed the show and the Houston Cistern. 

Have you ever been to the Cistern in Houston or seen a video installation?!