Meal Planning Made Easy w/ Green Direct

***Disclosure – I did receive compensation in exchange for this review. However, all opinions and my love for the product are all my own.***

Most people associate meal planning with people who are trying to lose weight. While meal planning can definitely help you accomplish your fitness goals, it can also help you save money and time!

I'm partnering up with Green Direct to show you how easy meal plan can be with the right product. These clear plastic food containers are perfectly divided to help make meal planning easy and simple! The food containers are affordable, efficient, and dishwasher proof!

For my smaller sections, I choose red seedless grapes and almonds! Grapes are full of vitamins and nutrients. I normally eat them for dessert after lunch because they are sweet enough to fool my sweet tooth! I chose almonds because I need some healthy fat in my lunch. Almonds are also great for lowering your blood pressure!

I chose to fill my larger section with Skinny Macaroni Salad. My Skinny Macaroni Salad recipe is delicious and packed full of protein and fiber! Everyone needs fiber in their lunch to help them stay full and focused till dinner!

I love meal planning because it saves me time and money! I don't have to wake up early every morning to make my lunch or worry about having enough leftovers after dinner each night. I also don't have to spend $10 on fast food for lunch. Meal planning definitely has its perk!

You can purchase your own Green Direct storage containers on Amazon. The reviews are phenomenal!

Questions for you: 

Do you ever meal plan? If so, what's your purpose behind it?!