6 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

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Ever Since Andrew and I moved halfway across the country, it’s been hard for us to get into the holiday spirit. When we lived near my family, we would start decorating for the holidays in mid-November but that hasn’t been the case for us these last two years. Last year, we bought a small one foot tree and just sat in on our entertainment center just days before the holiday. Needless to say our holiday spirit-o-meter has been running low.

Of course just like everyone else, we anticipate the holidays for months because stores usually start promoting at the beginning of November but it has been hard for us to really get into the mood.  However, Andrew and I want to get into the holiday spirit this year so we tried a few ways to help boost our holiday spirit. As the holiday approaches, many of you may be ready to celebrate but not all of are in the mood just yet. So here are 6 ways to help you get into the holiday spirit!

1. Reach out to family and friends

Since Andrew and I don’t have any family nearby, the best way to help boost our holiday spirit is to reach out to our family and friends. Make phone calls to your aunts and uncles, cousins, whomever you want! Simply just catch up and express your love and appreciation for them. It's always great to hear from a relative whether they are close or not. It definitely fills our hearts with warmth and love!  And if that isn't enough, you'll definitely start feeling the holiday spirit as you reminiscence about your childhood with your family.

2. Listen to holiday music.

One of my favorite holiday memories is listening to music with my family. Listening to holiday music will without a doubt pump you up for the holidays! Andrew and I have been playing holiday music in our cars, at home, and even at work! Play holiday music in the car, at home, or just when you have free time. As you listen, think of all the exciting things that come with the holidays! Add a little dance in there or two, and you'll be feeling the holiday spirit in no time!

3. Enjoy Glade® limited edition holiday fragrances!

I’m not sure if there is anything more distinctive about the holiday season than the scents. Although I love to enjoy Glade® jar candles throughout the year, I really feel the holiday magic with their limited edition holiday fragrances! The coziness, the comfort, the warmth, it’s easy to get into the holiday spirit with Glade® limited edition holiday fragrances. Andrew and I love to use home fragrance products by Glade® to help boost our holiday spirit-o-meter!

While shopping at Kroger, I discovered the Glade® Holiday Limited Edition Fragrances on display and fell in love with all the scents.

The collection has 4 festive home fragrances to take in to the memories of holiday magic. Available in Jar Candles, PlugIns® Scented Oils, Air Fresheners, and Automatic Spray varieties these cozy fine home fragrances found in the Holiday Collection by the makers of Glade® cover 4 vastly different fragrance profiles; Tree Lighting Wonder™, Cozy Cider Sipping™, Candy Sprinkling Joy™ and Frosting With Love™.

Andrew and I both really love the Tree Lighting Wonder™ because it has notes of dark green needles from Spruce and Fir blended with cool Eucalyptus and Lavender to really set the perfection cedar foundation. We have the scent all around to house to help us feel the magic of the holidays!

The Cozy Cider Sipping™ scent reminds me of home with the delightful appley notes with comforting spices of nutmeg and cinnamon. Also the Frosting With Love™ scent is full of deliciousness. The pure vanilla notes warms from the whipper sugar icing just like the mom’s famous sugar cookies. Lastly, the Candy Sprinkling Joy™ scent is just lovely. It’s bright and playful! Be on the lookout for Glade® Holiday Limited Edition Fragrances on display at your local Kroger store now!

One of my favorite memories during the holidays is baking cookies with my nephew. The smell of freshly baked desserts will no doubt entice your holiday senses. Bake something that reminds you of the holidays, such as a homemade fruit cake, a yule log roll, or sugar cookies. Andrew and I are not the best at baking yet so we just bought some holiday goodies to enjoy and help us get into the holiday spirit!

5. Start decorating your house.

A tried-and-true method of getting in the holiday spirit is to decorate your house! Once you start unpacking your holiday decorations, you'll be hearing sounds of jingle bells in your head. Although Andrew and I live in our small condo, we had to decorate this year to help get us into the holiday mood! Simply hang wreaths on your front door, and put up flashy lights to show off your spirit! You can even put up a Christmas tree to get into the mood.

6. Create some festive crafts.

I must admit creating some fun festive crafts really help me get into the holiday spirit!  Not only can you use them as decorations, but they can take your mind off stressful things and turn to more positive things like the holidays. This year my mom and I made adorable wreaths for our front doors while I was home! You could even make a holiday banner or some adorable ornaments to put on the tree! Draw some artsy cards to send to family and friends, expressing your joy and happiness. No matter what you make, you'll be feeling accomplished after you do, and you'll definitely be boosting your holiday spirit-o-meter!

If you find your holiday spirit-o-meter running low, use these tips to help you get into the holiday spirit!  Make sure you make the most out of the holidays and enjoy them!  Explore the Holiday Collection by GladeⓇ in the air care aisle at Kroger, and bring home an elevated fragrance experience that truly tells helps you get into the holiday spirit!

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