How to Create Goals You Actually Accomplish

This post was sponsored by AT-A-GLANCE as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

For those of you who know me, you know that I try to stay as organized as possible. Between my job, blogging, and planning our holiday travel being organized is about the only thing that keeps me going. With the New Year just around the corner, I’m focused on creating goals for myself!

When it comes to creating goals, it’s so easy to think of all of the things we want to accomplish. Of course, we start the New Year off with grand ideas because we are so pumped and full of energy. But then the days start to slip by us and the next thing you know, it’s June and you can’t even remember your goals! You see, setting goals is the easy part but we need to actually accomplish them. In efforts to help you accomplish your goals, I thought I’d share with you how I use my planner to help me reach my goals!

1. Start with the big picture. 

The big picture is important because it gives your life direction. Your big picture is a combination of your dreams, your ideas about the life you want to live, and your vision of what the New Year should bring. Grab your new planner and jot down your thoughts about what you want to accomplish this year. The new 2018 AT-A-GLANCE collection has so many different design elements and formats for everyone to enjoy. A new planner means new goals, new accomplishments, and new growth. Challenge yourself to dream bigger than before. Throughout the year you should come back to your big picture to add on.

2. Set your goals.

Looking at your big picture list, ask yourself this question: what do I have the time, money, motivation, and knowledge to start working on right now? That answer will be the starting point of your big picture. Think about each of your life areas (personal, relationships, spiritual, financial, career) and make a list on how you can improve in that area. If one goal feels too big, just break it down into smaller goals and space your milestone dates out to help you create progress and momentum towards achieving your goal.

Andrew and I sit down together to write our goals in our AT-A-GLANCE planner at the beginning of the year. We both have so much that we want to accomplish individually but also as a couple. Our goals are important, they deserve some time, more importantly, and you deserve to spend time on them.  After all, you wouldn’t have made them if they didn’t matter to you right?

3. Design your days. 

Every day is a unique reflection of you. When you design your days, they should be intentional. Morning routines and evening routines are great tools to use to accomplish your goals. Just take the time to write down things you want to accomplish each day to stay organized and create progress towards accomplishing your goal.

I have a big monthly calendar that sits at my desk at all times to keep my blogging schedule organized, and I have a my weekly planner that is with me at all times to keep my life organized. Making your goals part of your weekly and monthly planning sessions is a great way to keep yourself moving forward on them. Sundays are my weekly planning days, and as part of my planning session I focus on making time to work on moving forward on my goals.  I start by looking at the past week and schedule anything that didn’t get completed, and I try to get those done at the beginning of the week.  Then I look at my monthly calendar and see what I had planned and schedule that in too.  If I don’t know if I can actually fit everything into my week, I make a note of what I didn’t schedule so that if I end up with some time, or finish something early, I can fit those extra tasks in. AT-A-GLANCE planners are perfect for designing your days.

4. Stay on course. 

It is so important for you to review your goals throughout the year. Some people review their goals daily, some review weekly, and some choose the monthly or even quarterly option. Just remember to review them and make sure you’re on course, and celebrate milestones that you have accomplished along the way. AT-A-GLANCE planners are perfect for helping you accomplish your goals and stay organize throughout the year!

Goals are supposed to be the road maps that lead us to where we want to go, make sure you actually accomplish them.  Don’t allow your journey to take longer or be harder than it needs to be.  Use your AT-A-GLANCE planner to keep them from being lost in the everyday shuffle of life. You can also use your digital calendar too!  Your digital calendar is  helpful in achieving your goals and can be used along with your planners! By using both my digital and my AT-A-GLANCE planner , I know that I can actually accomplish the goals I create for myself.

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