Why the Boho by Spence Collection Matters

Do you ever feel like your style is constantly changing? Or maybe it’s just me… I don’t know! Regardless, Boho jewelry is definitely a huge trend and I love the style of it! I recently received a few pieces from the Boho by Spence Collection and I wanted to share it with you guys!

Boho by Spence is a collection that is founded around values that made boho so popular in the past such as travel, art, freedom, and creativity. However, the collection also reflects the value of today’s innovation, care for the environment and care for society.  This collection has been created as millennial-focused jewelry and one percent of all purchases goes to the NGO Not For Sale to alleviate human trafficking. Plus, the collection is a symbol in the collection stand for a personal value.

I personally love the Boho style because it embraces the girl we all love. The girl bounding with creativity, see no obstacles, thrives on adventure, is morally grounded yet simply fun. I feel like girls who love style, travel, festivals and coffee with friends would love anything Boho styled. The overall mission of the Boho Collection is to compel women and men to feel optimistic and confident in all aspects of their lives, feeling stylish, independent and responsible by wearing these truly unique and beautiful pieces that will leave an everlasting impression.

I received the leaf pendant which is a solid reminder of the importance of respecting one ‘self and others. The leaf is a purity personified. Explore more of the collection here!

Do you love the Boho collection?