Don't Lose It, Tile It!

For those of you who follow my Instagram stories regularly, you know that I struggle keeping up with just about everything.  My momma has always said that if my head wasn’t attached to me, I would lose it! I can’t remember how many times I’ve lost my keys, phone and even wallet! But when it comes to losing things, my life just got so much easier! Have you heard of Tile? A couple years ago a friend of mine told me about Tile. I used to joke him about it but now I totally understand why everyone needs Tile!

Tile, is the world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker and it isn’t just for keys and wallets! You can literally attach it to anything you don’t want to lose. Let’s face it, nobody likes to lose stuff! I will never forget when I lost my padfolio in college. I had all of my homework, my student I.D, and even cash. I think I left it on a table in the student lounge but when I went back to look it was already gone.  Never again! Now, with Tile, I’ve joined an awesome community that will help my find my things fast!  If one I had a tile in the back pocket of my padfolio, I would have saved myself so much time and money.

I decided to Tile my work bag to help me stop losing it. I seriously lost my bag at a meeting a few weeks ago! I went to the bathroom after the meeting and when I came out, my bag was gone! Luckily, I found it at the front desk but it still made my heart skip a beat! After all, I have my laptop and padfolio in there!  We don’t have to lose anything guys, just Tile it!

Have you ever used Tile?