You Can’t Make Somebody Quit, But You Can Help

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In support of the Lung Cancer Awareness Month this November, I want to share my personal story of smoking. Although I’ve never smoked, I have always been affected by cigarette smoke. For as long as I can remember, my mother has always had a smoking addiction. She started in her mid-twenties as a social thing to do with her friends but then it became an addiction for her.  As a young adult, I never thought about how it was affecting my mother’s health or ultimately my own but that all changed when I was in college.  During the middle of the school year, my mom came down with a cold and she ended up losing her voice. After a few days of having lost her voice, she decided to go to the doctor to help find a solution. It was that day my mom and my family had the scare of our lives. The doctor told my mom that she needed to quit smoking now or she could end up having lung cancer.

Quitting smoking is the single most important step a smoker can take to improve the length and quality of their life. However, it’s not easy.  My mom had been smoking for over 20 years and there was no way she could instantly just quit. Nonetheless, my mom knew she had to take action and she was ready to take the next step.  We headed to our local CVS Pharmacy to find a Nicorette® or NicoDerm® CQ® product that worked best for my mom. Supporting a loved one while they quit is one of the most important things you can do to help them have a longer, healthier life. My mom knew she couldn’t do it alone but with the support of my family and the Nicorette® Gum, she could give it her best shot!
Nicorette® Gum has Nicorette® Patented dual-coated technology. It also helps relieve that intense craving associated with quitting smoking and it tastes great! Nicorette® Gum is available in two dosage levels: 2 mg and 4 mg.  It’s an effective and easily portable solution for craving relief in social situations! My mom just carries it in her purse to help her stay focus on her goals!
How to use: These directions are also available on the Nicorette® website:

Weeks 1 to 6 – One piece every 1-2 hours

Weeks 7 to 9 – One piece every 2-4 hours

Weeks 10 to 12 – One piece every 4-8 hours

i. If you smoke your first cigarette within 30 minutes after waking up, use 4 mg Nicorette® Gum

ii. If you smoke your first cigarette more than30 minutes after waking up, use 2 mg Nicorette® Gum

iii. To improve your chances of success, chew at least9 pieces of gum a day for the first 6 weeks and complete the 12-week program. Do not use more than 24 pieces of gum per day

iv. While using Nicorette® Gum, be sure to follow the “chew and park” instructions included on the label

I also love the partnership CVS Health has with GSK Consumer Healthcare! For every box of Nicorette® or NicoDerm® CQ® purchased at CVS Pharmacy, GSK Consumer Healthcare will donate $1 to the American Lung Association’s LUNG FORCE (up to $100,000).* Offer valid 10/29/17 – 12/2/17.

*Purchases made between 10/29/17 – 12/2/17, up to $100,000 donation amount. Promotion ends on 12/2/17 or at $100,000 goal, whichever comes first. Behavioral support program increases chances of success. Read and follow label directions. The American Lung Association does not endorse any product, device or service.

It wasn’t easy for my mom to quit smoking but with the support of her family and Nicorette® Gum, she was able to win! Whenever she had the urge to smoke, she would chew Nicorette® Gum to help her fight the craving.  It can be tough to learn new ways to do things without tobacco like relaxing after a meal or taking a break. Nicorette® Gum truly helped my mom fight the urge.  

You don’t have to be a smoker to help someone quit smoking.  Just like me, you can support them. It’s so important to offer your help each step of the way. Even when quitting gets hard, telling someone they can do it can make a huge difference.  To this day, my mom always talks about how strong of a support system she had when she finally was able to quit smoking.  Make sure if you help someone quit smoking, you are supportive and encourage them to buy products that will help them.  You can explore Nicorette® Products at your local CVS Pharmacy to help support their goals. For more product information, and inspiration, stay up to date with the brand and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.