8 Reasons to Visit the State Fair of Texas!

I did receive compensation in exchange for this review. However, all opinions are all my own.

Andrew and I had never been to any state fair together until this month. A few weeks ago, we were invited to check out The State Fair of Texas and we were thrilled! The State Fair of Texas has been a staple in Texas since 1886. We headed to Dallas to find out first hand just how incredibly fun The State Fair of Texas is for everyone!

Whether you enjoy fried food, shopping, music, or any of the other many activities around the park, everybody can have a great time at the State Fair. Andrew and I were so overwhelmed with just the size of the state fair. I mean… everything is bigger in Texas but the State Fair of Texas is HUGE! It’s so easy to get lost in all of the fun. I wanted to share with you our 8 favorite things about the State Fair of Texas.

Eating Fried Food

Just like any great State Fair, the State Fair of Texas had fried Oreos, Reese's, and so much more! Andrew and I spurlged on the deep-fried reeses cup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was seriously the perfect combination! 

Riding the Texas Skyway  

Did I mention how large the State Fair of Texas is?! Luckily, you can take the Texas Skyway from one end of the park to the other or you can just ride it around like we did to enjoy the view of the State Fair of Texas! The ride soars high above the sights and sounds of the colorful Midway.

Playing games at the Midway

With over 70 rides enjoy and enough Midway games to keep you entertained for hours, the State Fair of Texas Midway has something for everyone! Andrew and I spent about an hour playing games… Andrew won a tiny stuffed pig for me but I left it on the Gondola. Regardless, we had a blast and really felt like kids again!

Seeing Big Tex

If you’re like us and not from Texas, I’m sure you are guessing what the heck ‘Big Tex’ could be. Well, The 52 foot tall statue is the official greeter and symbol of the State Fair of Texas. It’s known all across the world as the tallest cowboy! He has welcomed mills of guest each year to Fair Park!

Riding the Texas Star

This Texas Star Ferris wheel is like no other- it’s a Dallas skyline icon! Each year visitors from all over Texas love to enjoy the birds-eye view of the State Fair and downtown Dallas from a height of 212 feet!

Enjoying Live Music

The State Fair of Texas has four stages to present 24 days of concerts! No matter what kind of music you like, the State Fair of Texas has something for you!

Sipping craft beer at Trio on the Green

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that Andrew and I love craft beer! We headed to the Trip on the Green to enjoy some of Texas’ best beers! It was a great place to sit and relax for a bit too.

Snapping Photos at Photo Wagon Dallas

Andrew and I couldn’t resist the cute little photo booth! It’s housed inside a 50s cardinal travel trailer and full of fun props!

Have you ever been to The State Fair of Texas? Do you have a fair in your hometown? I wanna hear about it!