My Crazy Daisy Dress

I wanted to share my favorite daisy dress with you guys today! I scored this dress on clearance at the beginning of the year from Urban Outfitters and I finally got the chance to wear it! I actually wore it to brunch when we were in Dallas a couple weekends ago. I love the front V-neck and the open back features! I consider myself pretty modest so I had to use a safety-pin to bring the V-neckline higher but regardless, I love this dress!

For those of you who shop at Urban Outfitters, you know that most of their dresses are short.  Well considering that I’m 5’8, they are almost long shirts on me. So your modest young gal is rocking some spanks under her dress! So don’t worry! As soon as I saw this dress, I just knew I had to have it. I paired it with my new Jack Roger flats and rocked my hair in a pony-tail.  I truly just felt so feminine and flirty!

However, I totally ruined this dress. That’s right, RUINED THE DRESS! Late last week, I was finally catching up on all our laundry from our road trip and I was in rush. I didn’t check any pockets for pens… and you probably now know how the rest of this story will go. Yep, a pen exploded in the dryer all ruined the entire load of our clothes! Wah. I’m so heartbroken about this beautiful, perfect, fall flirty dress that is now ruined. For all of you who are wondering who to blame for this pen explosion… it was my pen!! Wahhh. It makes it even worse knowing that I had the murder weapon.


Ugh, luckily Andrew was a good sport about all of his clothes that were ruined but I’m still upset about it. Gosh, I’m just so bummed! Have you ever had a pen exploded in your dryer before?