Quick Stop at Horseshoe Bend

I know it’s been forever since I’ve blogged about our huge Mid-West road trip but I’m determined to finish sharing our trip with you guys! After we left Salt Lake City, Utah, we headed to Arizona to explore the Grand Canyon. When I was planning our trip, I was very strategic about where we were going to stay and the route we would take through the park. I didn’t want to waste anytime backtracking through the park. With that being said, we stayed our first night in Page, Arizona which is north of the Grand Canyon about 2 hours. 

However, we totally lucked out. You know those places that you recognize from pictures but don’t know the name of? I was like that for the longest time with Horseshoe Bend. It wasn’t until we googled, ‘best place to watch the sunset in Page, Arizona’, did we realize that we were just minutes from Horseshoe Bend.

For anyone not familiar with Horseshoe Bend, it’s the (you guessed it!) horseshoe shaped bend of the Colorado River in Arizona. It’s a popular photo op spot especially for professional photographers to grab a spectacular shot and put their wide angle lenses to use! It was super easy to get to Horseshoe Bend. The Trial head is also easy to spot as there’s literally nothing around. The hike itself is about ¾ of a mile. It’s a pretty easy hike for active people. There was a little hill and a slight decline as your head down t Horseshoe Bend. I think going back up to the car was actually a bit more strenuous especially because most of the trail is sand. The heat was a huge factor for my parents. Make sure you bring PLENTY of water! There is absolutely no shade so sunscreen is a must!

Andrew and I raced down the trail because we were so excited to see Horseshoe Bend and the reward was absolutely stunning. We were there about an hour before sunset and the canyon was really lit up with light.  It was just amazing to see such a famous photo opt for yourself. I wanted to get as close to the end as I could but Andrew was not okay with it!

I wish we would have stayed to watch the sunset but it was just so hot. There was absolutely no shade or wind. So make sure you are prepared for the dry heat when you go! It’s also crazy crowded too. The closer to sunset more people were arriving to Horseshoe Bend to take photos so make sure you get a good spot before it gets too crowded! Regardless, you must visit Horseshoe Bend at least once in your life! It’s so close to the Grand Canyon not too!!