Enjoy Wines of Provence Rosés Beyond Summer!

If you are anything like me, you probably love to enjoy certain products at certain times of the year. I mean think about all the pumpkin spice with enjoy in the fall… why should we just enjoy Wines of Provences Rosé in the summer? When we can enjoy it all year-round! I love to enjoy Wines of Provences Rosé even after summer ends. It’s a great way to end any day! Rosé season doesn’t have to end just because the leaves are turning color and you might be wearing a sweater! One of my favorite ways to enjoy my Wine of Provence Rosé during the fall is on my porch.

After a long hard day in the office, nothing sounds better than watching the sunset, reading a great book, and sipping some of Wine of Provences Rosé - Coteaux Varois en Provence. Even during the Winter, I truly love to enjoy  hot bath, good music, and a glass of Wine of Provences Rosé to relax after a long hard day. 2016 was a record year for Wines of Provence and it is not about to end. Wines of Provence remains the matchless leader for premium rosé wine both in France and abroad, especially in America where the trend is in full swing. Over the past 10 years, rosé has become everybody’s summer signature wine, as well as a lifestyle!

Wines of Provence Rosés played a significant role in this rosé revolution for 3 obvious reasons; unrivaled quality, outstanding palette ad iconic lifestyle.  This wine isn’t just for summer you guys! You can really enjoy it all year. Yep, that’s right! I won’t be trading my Wines of Provences Rosé just because summer is over. Instead, I’ll be finding creative ways to enjoy it all year! You can learn more about Wines of Provence here!

Is it a Rosé day? Duh! Tell me how you enjoy your Rosé year-round!