9 Apps I can't live without!

We all have smart phones, right? I’m sure some of you have pointless apps that you hardly ever use or maybe some of you barely use any apps at all. The app market is flooded with more than 2 MILLION apps! Of course, we’re all familiar with the popular apps like Facebook and Google Maps, and there are so many other apps too! How about apps that actually provide real value, though? There are so many surprising options out there, and I want to sure with you my top 8 favorite apps.


 1. VscoCam

If you like to takes photos on your phone but really want them to look like camera quality shots, just edit them with VscoCam! I always use VscoCam to edit my photos, and it also allows you to find friends to see what their editing too! It’s definitely an awesome app.

“Shoot and edit your images with our superior mobile presets and advanced camera controls.

Publish images and journals, or curate others to your VSCO profile. Explore content from the people you follow, curated work from the community, and exclusive editorial content from VSCO Originals. Join the VSCO community. Find and follow friends and people from around the world.”

2. Starbucks

I can’t be the one person in love with coffee right? Plus, who doesn’t love to track their purchases to earn coffee?! The Starbucks app lets you pay through your phone to start building rewards to earn free coffee and receive special offers. Hands down, my most used app!

“The Starbucks® app is a fast, convenient way to order and pay. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll collect Stars and start earning free drinks and food with every purchase.”

3. ShopSavvy

I know you all know by now that I love to save money. If you do too, then ShopSavvy is for you! You can scan barcodes to make sure you’re not overpaying, see deals and even get coupons. It’s definitely the bomb.

“Daily sales, deals, coupons, and cash back from your favorite online and local stores! Scan barcodes to compare prices, find cash back retailers, and watch for price drops. Always FREE, ShopSavvy saves you money!”

4. Nike Training Club

I mainly use this app to keep track of my progress but it actually offers so much more. It has free workouts and even personalized training plans! Plus, it helps you have a long distance workout partner as you can see the progress of your friends too!

“Nike+ Training Club is your ultimate personal trainer. Get expert guidance, workouts you can do anywhere and the motivation you need to get fit. Including free workouts and personalized training plans, all guided by Nike Master Trainers, our easy-to-follow videos take you through every drill. When you’ve completed a workout, share your progress with friends and the Nike+ community.”

5. Audible

Do you sit in traffic for hours? Or take long road trips? You need Audible! It definitely makes the car ride go by so fast and most importantly you can listen to a great book!

“Turn any time into storytime: listen to your favorite stories anywhere, on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Speed through your commute with a thriller, fuel your next training session with facts, find yourself transported into a realm of romance and intrigue, while your carpet gets cleaner than ever before. With Audible, the possibilities are endless.”

6. Vivino

Do you love wine but are so unfamiliar with brands, flavors, etc.? Then you need Vivino! Vivino lets you take a screenshot of the wine bottle, and it instantly tells you the average price of the bottle so you don’t over pay and the ratings/review of the bottle so you know it’s good! This app has been a life saver for me!

“JOIN THE #1 WINE APP: Shopping for wine, dining out, invited to dinner or just looking to try new wines? Vivino is your partner in wine, always with you and ready to help you pick, remember and share your wines. Take a photo of any wine label to uncork pricing, ratings, reviews, food paring suggestions and recommendations from the biggest community of more than 20 million wine lovers.”

8. Spotify

Seriously, who doesn’t love Spotify?! I absolutely cannot tolerate listening to ads on the radio plus I love creating my own playlist with my favorite songs. Spotify also has created playlist for everyone to listen too! I’m currently obsessed with the playlist “BAE” right now.

“Spotify is the best way to listen to music on mobile or tablet. Search for any track, artist or album and listen for free. Make and share playlists. Build your biggest, best ever music collection. Get inspired with personal recommendations, and readymade playlists for just about everything. Listen absolutely free with ads, or get Spotify Premium.”

9. HomeBudget

HomeBudget is totally different than Mint because it lets you create a budget that you can update through the app with other family members! Andrew and I use this every day and I truly believe this is how we manage to stay within our budget each month.

“HomeBudget with Sync is a third-generation expense tracker that is tailored to help you monitor your income and bills and view your account balance. By using it, you will be able to analyze your income and expenses using graphs and charts. One of the major features is Family sync that allows one to devices within the same compound to share or exchange income and expense information for free. This has greatly helped families to work within a single comprehensive budget. To use this feature, all you need is to setup the app, it will automatically recognize the devices and sync with them.”


Now that I've shared my favorite apps with you, I want to hear all about your favorite ones! What are your favorite apps to use?!