The Best Way to Find & Buy Event Tickets!

Living in Houston gives us so many accesses to different concerts, games, shows and so many more events! The only problem I’ve found so far is finding decent prices and seats especially for popular events. However, I’m sure you realized by now that I refuse to pay for anything regular price so over-priced tickets are definitely not acceptable. So while researching for my own personal sake, I discovered a few great ways to save money purchasing event tickets in almost any city.

Directly Through the Event Website

Are you surprised? Well you shouldn’t be. Most of the time if you purchase your event ticket strictly through the event website you will get the best rate and seats for your money! Sometimes they will even offer discounts for military members, students, or package deals for families. However, those tickets are limited so you must plan ahead and purchase your tickets as soon as they go on sale especially for popular events!


I’m not ashamed to admit that I have the Groupon app downloaded on my phone. Groupon is a GREAT way to save money on event tickets! The website and app are both user friendly to help you find tickets fast and easy. Most events will use Groupon as a marketing tool so if it’s a new festival or show so the tickets are extremely limited. If you see tickets to a show on Groupon, I promise they won’t last long! OH and Groupon always allow promo codes to be used towards purchasing tickets! Talk about a bonus.

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Resale Websites

I can be a bit hesitant when purchasing through resale websites because they are can sometimes be way overpriced or even worse you won’t even get the ticket you thought you purchased! However, they can definitely help you find tickets to an event you really want to see especially last minute! Just be careful and do you research before purchasing through resale websites. I strongly suggest you use PayPal as well!

Social Media

Almost like a resale website but a little bit more trusting, you can use social media to find event tickets! People who are unable to make the event especially last minute will sell their tickets pretty cheap! Just head over to Twitter or Facebook and type in the search bar tickets to the event you are trying to find tickets for and you will almost always find someone selling theirs! If a city is a decent size, join their online Facebook yard sales groups, etc. You will be surprised to find great tickets posting super cheap for last minute events.

When you purchase tickets to an event, where do you purchase your tickets from?