Frankie's New Overnight Bag!

Am I ridiculous for buying my dog an overnight bag? Maybe just a little… But let me defend myself! I just got fed up with using plastic bags to pack all his toys and food in! They would either get a hole in them or be too small. The kennel and dog hotel would always staple a piece of paper with Frankie’s name on the bag too.  It was just a hot mess. After boarding Frankie for a week, I decided he needed his own personalized travel bag.  I wanted a tote large enough to hold his toys, blanket and dog food.

I searched all over the internet but couldn’t find what I wanted at a decent price. I wanted some type of quality but didn’t want to spend more than $20 bucks. I started to lose hope but then I got an email from Pottery Barn about a 20% off coupon! So I went to their website, typed “dog bag” in the search bar and found exactly what I wanted and MORE! I could get it personalized!!! Check it out! 

The bag is actually good quality. I know that I can wash it multiple times and it will hold up well. It is the perfect size too!

I’m so excited to take Frankie to the doggie hotel or kennel to show off his adorable overnight bag