Weekend Recap: Galveston Adventures & Much Needed Recovery Weekend

Sometimes I use my age as an excuse and it gets me in trouble… Let me explain.  Last Monday, our flight from San Francisco landed around 11 pm. We then had to get our luggage and an Uber before we could get home. It was almost 1 am before we went to bed and we were up at 5:30 am the next day. We were already cranky from all the jetlag so we got even crankier throughout the week. 

I felt like we spent all week playing catch up… Mountains of laundry, an overfilled mailbox filled with junk, grocery shopping, unpacking, schoolwork, family phone calls, bathing Frankie, let me stop here. I literally could go on-and-on! 

Friday finally arrived…

We both got home from work and decided that we needed to nap before going on a double date with another couple. We literally passed out and woke up 10 mins before we were supposed to leave the house!  We rushed to Galveston to meet up with some friends for dinner and jazz music! 

Porch Café had been on my list of restaurants to try in Galveston so I was excited to finally give my two cents about the place! I love how it was tucked away in a more private area on Galveston Island. It was away from all the hustle and bustle of the Strand. The restaurant was super clean and decorated elegantly with indoor and outdoor seating. Our waitress was overly nice… I guess that’s not a bad thing? I ordered the crab cake sandwich with homemade sweet potato chips! It was good but it wasn’t anything special (at least to me). 

After dinner we headed over to the Tremont Hotel for live jazz music! I had been itching to visit the Tremont Hotel because so many locals talk about the rooftop bar. Ugh, it was absolutely beautiful! Definitely a local spot as it wasn’t crowded up there on a Friday night. The service was great too! I can’t wait for it to cool down before I go again. It was a great night with an awesome couple! Plus, I got two Galveston “hidden gems” off my list!

Saturday… Oh goodness!

We didn’t get home until after midnight on Friday, so I slept until after 10 am on Saturday. THIS IS NOT NORMAL! I never sleep past 7 am on the weekends! Anyways,  we made breakfast, got dressed, dropped Mr. Frank off at doggie day camp, and headed to Galveston! We were meeting friends for the Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival!  It was my first craft beer festival experience and definitely could be my last… Although I had a great time with our friends and collecting vendor stickers, craft beer is just not my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Blue Moon but smoked flavored beer is just undrinkable. 

Sunday… Did I even leave the house?

Well I definitely didn’t leave my house. I was exhausted! I literally slept till 11 and woke up to eat breakfast. After breakfast, I feel asleep on the couch and pretty much napped on and off all day. In between naps, I would work on school work, laundry or entertain Mr. Frank. Andrew went golfing so I had no self-control. I slept the day away but it was obvious my body was exhausted. Even though it annoys me to waste a perfect day inside, it’s important to listen to your body. 

Monday Madness

HA! Not really... Monday went at our own pace. I went to the mall to check out all the "Labor Day Weekend Sales" just to come home empty handed. Andrew went to the driving range. We walked our fur baby and read for a few then decided to head to the outlet mall! We scored HUGE at Banana Republic! I got a few tops for just a couple bucks each. Ekk **happy dance** Andrew got 2 pairs of shoes, shorts, jean, and tops! He definitely hit the jackpot. 

What did you do this weekend?!