The San Jacinto Monument!

A few weekends ago, Andrew and I decided to go explore The San Jacinto Monument. We have driven past the monument many times and our curiosity finally got the best of us!

The San Jacinto Monument was built to honor those who fought there in 1836 and also for all to re-visualize the history of Texas and the Spanish Southwest. “It was created as a steward of history, and to promote friendship between Texas, Mexico, Spain, France and Latin America.”

The monument was designed by Houstonians, architect Alfred C. Finn and engineer Robert J. Cummins. In 1936, Construction began and finished 3 years later in 1939.

“The impressive structure alone — apart from its historical significance — is worth a trip to San Jacinto Battleground. At 570 feet, this Texas giant is one of the finest examples of Moderne (Art Deco) architecture in the United States, and is recognized as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The photos above give a glimpse of life at the worksite.”

“Stand beneath the 220-ton Lone Star of Texas and witness what its heroes created. Looking through a window from high atop the monument, it's hard to believe this area was ever anything other than what it is now — a beautiful and thriving metropolis. Explore the photos above to get a bird's-eye view from the observation deck.”

At the bottom on the Monument is the San Jacinto Museum of History. It is basically a small gateway to the culture of Texas. It holds over 30,00o artifacts. From books to bayonets, swords to sketches, there’s something here for everyone

“Special treasures can be found from Mexican Texas, the Texas revolution, and the Republic of Texas. But the museum also holds art and artifacts from the Spanish conquest, French Texas (a small collection), Spanish colonial life, the Mexican Revolution and the Anglo colonization of Mexican Texas. Texas’s early statehood and the Civil War are also featured.”

I recommend anyone in the local area or even those traveling through to stop by and visit the San Jacinto Monument!