Gatorfest Texas!

Every year the Chamber of Commerce in Anahuac, Texas hosts “Texas Gatorfest”! Anahuac is a small town in East Texas, however the City of Anahuac is the Alligator Capitol of Texas!

The Texas Gatorfest has all the you can imagine… live music from local Texas bands, 5K run, airboat rides, live gators, bbq cook-off, carnival, gatorfest pageant, and rumble on the swamp! They also offered a small petting zoo, tons of food trucks, and a few local vendors!  

Andrew and I were excited to take part of this Texas tradition and eat some gator for the first time!  We invited some of friends because the Gatorfest only charged military families $5 for an all-day ticket! 

After parking and meeting our friends, we hopped on the shuttle and headed to Gatorfest! We entered the park and found our way to the hanging gators… Texas Gatorfest has an Alligator Roundup Competition. Basically whoever can catch the longest alligator in an hour time-frame.  The longest alligator was 12ft and 8 inches… crazy right?! 

We headed to the airboat ride next because we needed to cool off for a bit. It was seriously so hot that we were dripping sweat from just standing. 

It was my first airboat ride EVER! An airboat is a flat bottom boat that only moves forward. The aircraft type propeller on the back is how it is able to move through shallow swamps and marshes. They can actually go pretty fast and whip around turns like any other boats I have been on. We had to wear our proper personal protective equipment because just like aircrafts, the fan is REALLY loud. 

It was a lot of fun riding the airboat especially because we went through marshes and the driver would whip us around to get spray us with muddy swamp water! It was pretty gross but it definitely cooled us down. 

Andrew grabbed some BBQ gator to snack on… I think he was more curious than anything! I tried a bite but I didn’t really like it… It doesn’t taste like chicken to me!

We also walked around the different vendors and I picked up an alligator claw necklace for my nephew! He is going to think it is the coolest thing ever. 

We couldn’t resist the animals at the petting zoo!! Andrew finally reunited with his former brother, LOL! This cute little pig was literally swimming in the water bowl. He was soo cute!! 

Did I mention how hot it was? We wanted to stay to see the live bands but we were sweating through our clothes and felt so dehydrated… We decided that we really should go and just grab lunch with our friends who traveled in from Louisiana. 

Regardless, Gatorfest Texas was fun and I have finally taken part of a true Texas Tradition!