BarkBox Review: Frankie Approves!


Frankie received his first BarkBox in the mail!! I know, you think I'm crazy right? Ordering a subscription for dog toys and treats? Well guess what?! I bought a GROUPON for this, and it only costs me $9! It was totally worth it, and here's why: 

BarkBox Mission

"Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-5 treats, toys, and occasional hygiene products that have been hand selected and approved by Scout, head product tester for BarkBox. Each month is thoughtfully crafted and each item is unique from anything we'll ever send in a later box - variety is the spice of life, no?"

Supporting Pups

10% of all profits are donated to dog shelters and rescue centers. Not only are you able to give your own dog a sweet surprise but you are also making a difference in the dog community! "We are interested in working with any rescue, shelter, non-profit or organization that helps change the lives of dogs in need."

Respected Treat Brands

I'm one of those crazy dog moms that only purchase treats made in the US. Barkbox respects my choice and only provides brands that are produce in the US and Canada. "Here are our head product tester Scout's standards when testing edible items: Minimal processing; wheat, soy, corn, filler-free whenever possible; organic whenever possible. We are moving toward limited, if not single, ingredient products."

Value Toys

Seriously people, VALUE TOYS! Frankie has been in love with all his toys from BarkBox and they are actually still in tack after a few weeks of his intense play! "Our toys, grooming products, and hygiene products are sourced from around the world and are all approved by our office dog product testers. We want everything we include in BarkBox to be high quality and safe and the thorough testing we do on our own dogs allows us to feel confident about the standard of quality of goods manufactured here or abroad."

Unique Products

It was surprisingly to find cute paper products inside Frankie's BarkBox. It truly made it personal and unique. "We're really proud of our boxes because we know every item is something we've seen dogs not only enjoy, but benefit from stimulation and health wise. And that's what our goal is; to make pups happy with healthy, life-enriching gifts each month."

Sized Specifically

If you dog is small like Frankie, you don't have to worry about BarkBox sending your pup a toy too big. You are able to select a category for your fur baby to assure your pup gets everything and more!"Whether you subscribe to BarkBox or buy it as a gift, you will have the option to choose between Small and Cute (0-20 pounds), Just Right (20-50 pounds) and Big and Bold (50+ pounds) during the sign-up process."

The BarkBox was great and Frankie really enjoyed everything inside the box! It cost just as much as purchasing the treats and toys but it saves me time from actually searching in stores or online! Definitely give BarkBox a chance!


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