Weekend Recap: Date Night, Grape-Stomping & "Adulting"

Friday: Date Night

Andrew and I have been killing it during the week with our married life goals!

What are our goals you ask? Well we have limited ourselves to eating out because 1. It’s pricey and 2. It’s unhealthy. We have also decided that there is no point in having a gym membership if we never go, so our goal is to hit the gym at least 3 times each week.

Well after we completed both goals this week we decided to have date night to reward ourselves! What makes “date night” different than a normal date? I think Date Night is more of a state of mind than anything. It is just a way of putting a special time aside together by doing something we bought enjoy. Date Night is being with the person that you fell head-over-heels for, not the person who forgot to take out the trash.

Andrew made reservations at Maggiano's for dinner! We both love carbs, and had been eating really healthy all week so we both wanted to splurge! We ordered the bruschetta sampler for an appetizer… we shared every bite! All the combinations were delicious but I think the blue cheese based one was my favorite. Andrew and I both ordered pasta and ate ourselves in a painful food coma. Totally worth it!

After dinner we had a major sweet tooth. We decided to squeeze some frozen yogurt in us before we headed to King’s Bingo! Bingo is competitive and much more complex than I thought! It isn’t normal bingo… there are different strategies for each game!  Andrew and I had never played bingo at a professional place so it was definitely a learning experience, lol! We didn’t win or anything but the excitement was there! It was a great time!

Saturday: Brenham, Texas

Our little fur baby, Frankie, was up at 6:30am ready to begin his day. He wakes me up by nibbling at me until I wake up. Once I open my eyes, he is like a crazy dog until I get downstairs to take him outside. After he came in from outside, he ate breakfast and played all morning.   I headed to the gym for a quick cardio class while Andrew took Frankie to doggie day camp! “Team work makes the dream work!”

After the gym, I got dressed while Andrew made breakfast. We ate and then headed to Brenham, Texas for the day! A few weeks ago I purchased a Groupon for Grape-Stomping at Pleasant Hill Winery in Brenham, Texas.

The winery was a lot smaller than I imagined it to be… but regardless it was still fun! They plan to use the grapes that we stomped as fertilizer for the grapevines.   

We decided to walk down to the grapevines for a few but it was honestly way too hot to be outside unless you were in the shade.

After grape-stomping, we grabbed lunch in historic downtown Brenham. TripAdvisor had over-the-top reviews about Funky Art Café so we decided to try it out! We ordered a cheese based dip as an appetizer. Everything in the café was organic and “healthy” based. I ordered a crab cake salad which was incredible!

We walked around the downtown area for a bit stopping in local shops, and soaking in the hospitality of the small town. It was just unbearably hot to really enjoy ourselves. We decided to head home to pick up Frankie, and get things done around the house.

Sunday: “Adulting” Indoors

Who “Adults” on a Sunday?  *Currently raising my hand* ME!

I spent most the day behind my computer… I bought my textbooks for my LAST SEMESTER of undergraduate studies!! In 4 months, I will have a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Public & Non-Profit Administration to add to my collection of degrees. It really hadn’t hit me until Sunday when I woke up in panic that I have a lot to do before I graduate. I need to get professional pictures done, decorated my cap for graduation, and most importantly apply for grad schools!

I think I’m going to purchase a Groupon for JC Penny photos… I don’t need anything specific as I just want to seize this milestone and hopefully get a mature picture for my business card.  I know that there will be tons of photos captured at graduation with my family and that is all that really matters to me.

Decorating your cap is like a serious art. Of course, I naturally went to Pinterest for inspiration but now I am incredibly overwhelmed! I was the worst at senior quotes, and decorating your cap is literally like wearing your senior quote on your head for the world to see.  The pressure is on!

I thought applying for grad school would be easier than deciding what 4 year college I wanted to attend but I was so wrong. Unsurprisingly, I want to extend my education at UNC Pembroke where I am obtaining my bachelor’s degree but because we no longer live in North Carolina, I would have to pay out-of-state tuition.  So without a doubt, I am looking to apply to colleges in Texas.  I have found a handful of prospective universities… How many grad schools should I apply to? I was thinking 3 but now I think 1-2 would be sufficient. What are your thoughts?