Running & Random Challenges Circuit!

I had an extra amount of energy today… I decided that at every half mile marker during my run, I will stop complete a random set of exercises.

Here is how it goes…

Half Mile(walk, jog, or sprint)

-          30 Jumping Jacks

-          20 high knees

-          15 butt kicks

-          10 squats

-          5 frog jumps

I repeated this SIX times! For a total of 3 miles, 180 jumping jacks, 120 high knees, 90 butt kicks, 60 squats, and 30 frog jumps. This workout went by so fast because of how it was broken down. I walked my first half mile, and then I jogged, sprinted, jogged, sprinted, and my last half mile I walked to use as my cool down!