Mount Rush Hour & Local Foods

Our weekend getaway got rescheduled this weekend because of all the rain we have been experiencing here in Texas. With that being said, Andrew and I had a low key weekend with our fur baby.  We ran errands, packed for our vacation and had a few small adventures. Two being Mount Rush Hour and Local Foods!

"A Lone-Star-State-skewed version of Mount Rushmore, placed by sculptor David Adickes (who has built other big things in Texas) at a notorious Houston bottleneck."

"Giant busts of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Sam Houston, and Stephen Austin give morning commuters something to look at as they creep into downtown from the northwest suburbs. Across the bases it is labeled: "A Tribute to American Statesmanship.""

"So while you're caught in an interminable traffic snarl, gaze into the patient gaze of any of our hero Statesmen and still your rage. But if you want to admire the sculptures up close, you have to get off of the freeway."


Local Foods is a scratch gourmet sandwich shop showcasing local edibles and seasonal salads, fresh soups & home-made snacks for the taking.

All foods are prepared by local ingredients featuring; Utility Research Garden, Gundermann Farms, Atkinson Farms, Animal Farms, Texas Hill Country Olive Oil, and many more local farms. 

We brought Frankie along with us on our little adventure. He loves to explore too!!