I'm a Part-time Traveler

I’m a part time traveler. 

And no, I’m not the “quit my job, sold my car, and bought a one way ticket” type of travel blogger. Truth be told, throughout high school and college I always dreamed that I would one day become that type of travel blogger.


I fantasized about the day I would jet off into a new life, mused over the exotic cities I would call home, and envisioned a life without ties on the open road.

But in the middle of all of my fanciful daydreaming, the most unexpected series of events occurred: I fell in love, graduated from college, accepted a corporate position in an amazing city, and moved into a cute condo with my husband. 

Before I realized it, my dreams changed. I was excited for the future of my career, and I enjoyed the stability (and okay, the paycheck) that my  job offered me. And above all, I was thrilled to be starting this new chapter of my life with my husband. 


The dream of a long-term adventurous lifestyle no longer felt like it belonged to me. 

But still-I need travel in my life. I need culture, adventure, excitement, and uncertainty. I need to explore the world, see the sights, meet new people, and understand myself better in the process. Could it be possible to bring these visions to life while balancing a steady job, a steady marriage, and a location-dependent lifestyle?

I know that there may be many people out there in similar situations–dreaming of seeing the world and experiencing foreign cultures, and wondering if they have to abandon the things and people they love most in order to fulfill those dreams.


For that reason, I am very happy to tell you that it IS possible to have both.


With careful planning, budgeting, and prioritizing, it is possible to have both worlds of adventure and stability, love and independence, and excitement and normalcy.

I am in every sense of the word a “normal” 20-something girl. I have friends and a romantic relationship, and I have a job and other responsibilities. I’m still learning how to be an “adult”…

But travel is my passion, and therefore it is a priority. Despite my normalcy, I am determined to live a life of adventure and culture–whether that means backpacking Europe for two weeks, vacationing in Mexico for a long weekend or museum-hopping in my city’s arts district.

I’m trying to balance a “normal” lifestyle with my adventurous spirit. I hope that my travels and stories will inspire others to see more of the world, without feeling required to give up the comforts of home in the process.