Weekend Recap: Go-Karts, Antiquing & Chinatown!

Hiiii!! I’m posting my typical Monday blog post of my weekend recap… is it getting lame yet? Hope not!

This weekend was pretty “chill”. We just stayed local and tried a few new places out! Friday night we headed to Track 21 for laser-tag, glow-in-the-dark putt put golf and indoor go-karts! My man child, Andrew(lol), had a blast! Don’t get me wrong, I had fun especially playing laser-tag but Andrew really had a great time! The go-karts have gas powered motors and actually went crazy uncomfortable fast!

It was fun and totally worth the Groupon! After Track 21, we headed over to Chinatown. The desserts in Chinatown are really popular especially snowflake ice at Juice Box. It reminded us of snow cream! Chinatown was packed at 9pm on Friday night. We searched for over 20 mins for parking and the line was out the door! We decided that we differently needed to come back to Chinatown to see what all the hype was about! 


We woke up, got dressed and headed to Rice Village. Rice Village is more of an upscale area in Houston. We stopped at Sweet Paris for breakfast. They have the best crepes in the city! Andrew and I ordered a crepe each to share! We tried the houstian, which was filled in bacon, eggs, peppers, and the apple. Mmm so good! 

We then headed to go antiquing around Rice Village. I have been going on antique adventures since I can remember... My mom and I love to find old antiques! We found some pretty unique pieces on Saturday... but our condo limits us on purchasing new things. It was just fun to look! 


So I mentioned Chinatown earlier right? Well we decided to explore Chinatown on Sunday because we didn't have any plans... We stopped at the temple and grabbed an early dinner. I'm not a huge fan of authentic Chinese food... but Andrew was! 

It was a low key weekend for us! I'm excited about this weekend and our mini road trip! :)