My Top 5 Fitness YouTube Channels!


You might not have a gym membership and you’re stuck inside because it’s just too hot to workout outside right now… Or maybe you have insecurities about the gym so you just prefer to workout at home, I understand. I’ve been in both situations.

It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, you can also workout from home! Today, I want to share with you my 5 Favorite Youtube Fitness Channels.  

BeFit. If you like anything from dance routines to extreme workouts to beginners yoga, you must checkout BeFiT! The have a series called BeFiT Go which is meant to be watched on your phone and done anywhere!

Tonic. If you need that extra personal time or have a lot of things going on in your life and you need a way to escape, checkout Tonic! It really focuses on useful yoga to help relieve stress and focus on yourself. Tonic also have lots of good recipes!

Muscle & Strength. If you are nervous about the gym or not confident about the workouts you are doing at the gym, check out Muscle & Strength! They give you explanations of gym workouts that you can add to your weekly routines! It definitely helped boost my gym confidences. Plus, they have great recipes and interviews on their channel!

Jessica Smith TV. If you like cardio and strength based workouts, you must checkout Jessica Smith TV! If you have weights, awesome but you don’t have to have them either! I also love that she features her mom in her videos!

BodyRock. If you love a high intensity workout and you’re up for a 30-day challenge,  checkout BodyRock! They have a video for each day roughly over 45 mins long! You will also find teasers for their paid exercise program.