Our Freedom is Not Free

Some citizens of the United States are so ungrateful for their freedom. Our freedom is not free. People have sacrificed their time, special life moments, and even their lives to allow us to have freedom in the United States. But that doesn't mean everyone is grateful. 

In college, my public speaking professor ask the class what the meaning of the American Flag was to us. A veteran and student in the classroom replied, "The flag means more to me than anything in the world because I've witnessed men dying in Iraq to make sure it flies and flies free". However another student replied, "It's nothing but a flag. I could step on it and feel nothing. It is just cloth". The classroom was full of mixed emotions... Did she really just say that? She is a citizen in this country and yet the flag that represents her freedom meant nothing to her? 

The United States is the greatest Country in the world and yet people are ungrateful for their freedom. Citizens have the right to vote, a government that wants justice, and the opportunity to pursue an American Dream. Is America perfect? Absolutely not. Regardless, you should be proud of your country and those who fight to protect our freedom. 

The other night my husband and I were at Freedom Over Texas, a huge Fourth of July Celebration. We sat down on the lawn in front of the main stage of the festival. Four or five twenty-something adults sat behind us to enjoy the show too. The festival made a tribute to our active duty service members and veterans, especially those who served in Vietnam, 50 years ago. Those behind me thought it was a waste of time because the Eli Young Band was moments away from preforming. Behind me sat four or five ungrateful twenty-something adults who were joking the men and women presenting the colors. Their smart ass comments were endless... they are so ungrateful for their freedom. 

It doesn't matter if you agree with our military decisions or if you are completely 'anti-military', countless men and woman give/gave their life to protect our freedom. They sacrifice so much so we can live a life full of opportunities.  I'm not asking for anyone to go out of their way to thank someone for their service or to stare at the American Flag for hours but I'm asking you to respect our country and those who fought and fight to protect the flag of the United States of America. Freedom is not free.