Personal Life Update

Sheeeesh, Where do I begin?!

Life has been hectic for me this last week which should explain why I haven’t blogged much. Last week I had to take a 40 hour intense safety course for my employer. On top of that, I’m taking major online summer course. While trying to keep up with the household duties and be a fun fur parent to Mr. Frank.  But things just kept getting more stressful… our  A/C completely went out, our bathroom remodel has had so many obstacles and  the jeep was back in the shop.

Well I’m officially a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist! “ The COSS series of educational programs can train you in the essentials of safety and health, leadership, communication, and regulatory requirements in a wide variety of work environments.” The class was challenging but it really made me think and implement OSHA’s CFRs to everyday situations. This is a great addition to add to my career portfolio.

My online summer course has been a big pain in the butt! I’m overwhelmed with assignments each week and trying to manage our group project on top of everything else! My professor, who is also my advisor, does not cut slack for summer school students. I seriously cannot wait to graduate in December. It is honestly motivation knowing that I’m so close to the finish line.  I’ve always work full time and gone to school full time… which has honestly paid off just like my parents said but it is a challenge!

Mr. Frank is so over this Texas heat! My little fur baby runs outside to go potty and then is running back to the door to go back inside. It is so unbearable for him to play outside unless it’s after the sun goes down. I’m so glad Petsmart has their doggie day camp inside! He has still been able to enjoy that on the weekends.

Imagine no AC when it is 108 with the heat index outside. My thermostat read “87” degrees when I woke up this morning. Ugh, it is absolutely disgusting. Luckily we have bought a home warranty when we bought our home so all the repairs are completely covered but it is still such a hassle! I must give Andrew credit… he has been on top of this throughout the whole process! Our AC is back on and working like normal now. Thank the good Lord!

Our bathroom remodel is about 50% complete! We have put down the tile, fixed the drywall situation, and started to prime! We also bought the new vanity(which looks awesome!) and replaced a few other things like the sink, toilet seat, etc. We just need to paint the bathroom, install the vanity and new sink. Oh & at some point we need to buy a mirror for the vanity too!

Mehhhhh. What. A. Week!

This weekend was literally a recovery weekend for us.

Friday night we went out to celebrate my new certification by doing everything I wanted to do. We went to my favorite restaurant Nobi Public House, saw the Secret Life of Pets, and ended the night with froyo! It was totally needed after such an exhausting week… Saturday we sleptin and just relaxed around the house… Did we even get dressed?! Sunday we ran errands all day… grocery shopping, Home Depot, Walgreen's, the mall, etc. We were literally on-the-go all day!