Pet Boarding vs Pet Sitting


As pet parents, Andrew and I knew that eventually we would want to travel so what would we do with Frankie while we were gone? Should we board him or hire a pet sitter? What is best for our pet?

There are so many factors to consider when deciding if you should board your pet or hire a pet sitter. You should consider your pet's age... the older your pet is the more care your pet might need. If you choose a pet sitter, can you really trust them alone in your home? While researching kennels or pet hotels, make sure you read each review and do your research. 

I want to share with you the research I found while trying to decide whether to board Frankie or hire a pet sitter through a professional website.

Pet Sitting

This method includes hiring a professional to watch your dog while you are away. You must select someone trustworthy with knowledge about dogs. Pet sitting is great because it allows your dog to keep their normal routine (if the pet sitter listens). Pets are also getting more attention when you hire a pet sitter. Some pet sitters even water plants, check your mail, etc. However, pet sitters typically charge $10 per 15 min visits which can add up pretty quickly. If your dog doesn't always act well to strangers, the pet sitter could traumatize them. 


This method includes paying for your dog to stay at a kennel or dog hotel that gives your dog his basic needs of food, exercise, and potty breaks. I have found that most people use this method because it's cheaper and they know that someone is watching their dog 24 hours. Most boarding places offer doggie day camps or other social interactions with other dogs throughout their stay. However, dogs sometime catch kennel cough or get anxiety from  being in an unfamiliar place. 

It is important that you do your research and choose what is best for your dog because you know them more than anyone. As a pet parent, we only what is best for our fur babies! Frankie loves to be boarded at our local kennel because he is surrounded by other dogs. He is a social butterfly! I call and check on him about every other day and the kennel gives me honest feedback. "Today he had diarrhea but nothing serious. We will call you if we think it's something serious". I just love the reassurance that he is being constantly watched.  After much research, pet boarding was the best option for us. 

What do you do with your fur baby when you are out of town?