Weekend Part 2: Maryam’s Café + Horseback Riding +Seafood Dinner

Remember my post about finding fun things to do on your next adventure? Well I used my own advice this weekend! I search on Pinterest, “Unique Coffee Shops in Houston”. Maryam’s Café was featured on Pinterest! So on Sunday, Andrew and I decided to stop in the Heights to try Maryam’s Café before we headed to Cypress Trails in Humble. It was literally on the way!

We got there 30 mins after they opened so the place wasn’t crazy busy yet. Almost everything in the café is organic and homemade. The owner of the café was also there working on Sunday morning! I love local businesses like this. She was so friendly and kind. 

On the outside, the café looked a little sketchy but the inside was absolutely beautiful. It had a French antique feel to the place. There was also a huge play area for kids in the back! Right next store to the café was an antique shop. But let’s stay focused… the café had two thrown styled chairs  in the window of the café. It also had other unique furniture pieces throughout the café including old sofas turned into benches. I just loved the style! 

I ordered a chia latte with almond milk and Andrew ordered a chocolate based latte. The lattes were a little pricey but this is normal for Houston.  The food came out so fast! They seriously spoil you with the portions! Mmm yum! We just sat in the window and finished our coffee while watching people as they walked by. We saw so many cute dogs!

After our awesome experience at Maryam’s Café, we were so excited to go on a 2 hour horseback riding trail! I actually found a killer deal on Groupon (click here for post about using Groupon). The instructor was very kind about our inexperience of horses. We were actually with a group of people so we weren’t the only clueless people there. I have actually rode a horse before but Andrew never had! It was just so much fun... and so funny!

We went on trials around a small lake on the farm’s property. The horses were truly great! They just followed each other so we didn’t really have to control them at all which was relaxing. It’s crazy to think this place is just 30 mins from the big city.

It was so nice to get away and experience the outdoors more than just going to our pool.  I really miss that about North Carolina.

I wish I had more pictures to show you guys but Andrew and I were both just so caught up in the moment to think about pictures until the end when we were off our horses! 

The horses were just totally sweet and we were having fun on a new experience together! Once we were finished,  we decided stop at the grocery store before heading home. We knew once we got home we wouldn’t want to go back out!

We picked up some fresh veggies and seafood to prepare for dinner that night. Shrimp and scallops were on sale… so we decided we would have those for dinner!

We made parmasean crusted asparagus, recipe can be found HERE, and we made lemon garlic butter shrimp and scallops, recipe can be found HERE.

Dinner only took us 20 mins to make. It was super easy yet delicious! We also paired our dinner with this red wine that we bought from World Market. After dinner, we snuggled up on the couch with our fur baby and watched Netflix. We are currently binge watching House of Cards again… oops.

Do you see why I love Groupon now? Are you currently binge watching something on Netflix?!