How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway


Long weekends are my favorite weekends to plan a small getaway! Andrew and I love to explore and see new things so long weekends give us that opportunity without taking off of work. I always get super anxious about packing because let's face it, I'm excited!! 

I can honestly admit that it has taken me so many trips to finally stop over packing or not packing enough (oops). With that being said, I want to share with you the little system that I created for myself to achieve the best packing for a weekend getaway! 

1. Check the weather. Simply just go to and see what the weather is going to be like on your getaway. Will it be 100% accurate? Probably not but it will give you somewhat of an idea of what to pack.

2. Pack one color pallet. I try my best to pack colors that complement each other so they will work together if I decide to change up my outfits! I also like to choose a color pallet that goes with the current season. 

3. Plan by outfit. I always plan our getaways out each day by activities so this is my favorite packing tip! Plan your outfit out in advance to make packing easier. For example, I know I will be going to dinner and exploring the town. So, I’ll bring a nice pair of jeans that I can change up with a different top.

4. Make a list. You can never go wrong with a list! Start with your daily routine; makeup, toothbrush, brush, etc. Then work your way to your electronics, books, etc. Just try and right down everything you know that you will need on your getaway and cross it off as you pack! 

5. Limit your shoes. I know this can be tough for people because it is really tough for me. But do you really need a bag of shoes for a weekend getaway? Try your best to limit your shoes! I try not to pack more than 3 pairs; night out of the town pair shoes, comfy pair of shoes, and a pair of sandals! 

How do you pack for a weekend trip?