Sun Day Secrets

I cannot express the importance of protecting your skin while being exposed to the sun enough especially in these summer months. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way… and have been trying to restore my skin from my mistakes. However, I have learned the best ways to protect yourself against the sun.

Start Early. Some of our foundations have SPF but I know that most of our moisturizing creams have SPF to help protect our skin for the sun. It is so important to make sure you have some SPF on your face every day if you are exposed to the sun for any amount of time.

Protect your hair. Silly? I think not! Simply spray sunscreen in your hair or wear a hat. I love to use a deep conditioner after laying out in the sun all day because my hair always seem so dry after being exposed to the sun for a long period of time. 

Set a timer. Have you ever fallen asleep while sunbathing? If so, I am sure setting a timer is embedded in your head. You should turn over every 30 mins to help reduce sunburn and also protect your skin from the sun.

Cover up. Buy a cute beach hat to protect your face and hair from the sun! A beach umbrella is a great way to seek coverage from the sun while on the beach or at the pool for a long period of time!

Keep a bottle handy. I always carry a small travel size bottle of SPF in my purse. Why not? You can feel the sun beating down on you while in traffic, eating outside, etc. If you always have a small bottle with you, then you are always protected.