Sushi + Finding Dory 2D

The Fish  is one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Houston! The service is great and the food is even better. I love the patio seating because people watching is so entertaining. They also have a great happy hour on drinks and sushi! Andrew and I order 2 California rolls, 2 Spicy Tuna rolls, Spicy Edamame, and Buffalo Chicken Wontons! Mmm soo good! I also had a apple martini while Andrew tried a Japanese craft beer! 

After dinner, we headed to see Finding Dory in 2B in City Centre. I actually found the movie tickets on Groupon! You can check out how much I love and use Groupon, HERE! We stopped at Big Lots to pick up snacks sneak in the theater to munch on during the movie! Sour Patch Kids are my favorite!

Finding Dory was better than I thought it was going to be. I love Dory as a baby. Seriously, the cutest thing ever. Overall the movie was great! I actually heard people crying during those intense moments with Dory about her family. I think my favorite part of the movie is when Dory speaks whale to Destiny. Andrew and I started to speak whale to each other on the way home… LOL!


Nothing beats a night downtown with my man! I think we should start having date night on Wednesday nights… happy hour is available, nothing is crazy busy, and you can actually find a decent place to park. I think I may have discovered something here…

Have you seen Finding Dory yet?!